Featured Character: Muk Skullcrusha
Played By ArsenicJohn, September 2019 Player of the Month
Art by daldam at Ikate Keda Studios

Oy, listen up you gits! Muk’s ‘ere to tell yous ‘bout how da humies gots ‘ere.

Before da great warboss Muk sprung outta da dirt, dese pinkskins got on a big rokket an’ left da Earf. Kragonak mucked up da rokket and brought em here to fight da green boys an’ make us tougha.

Da ship got ‘ere late cause da humie gods is slow. Dey met shelly gits, birdy boys, stingy boys, and dem pointy eared buggas. Dere’s more of em but yous can find out about em lata’. Da humies had ta get all sneaky-like an’ make big rokkets an’ Crushahs an’ stuff cause da boys from ‘round dis place was too fighty. Dey don’t make good eatin eitha so Muk don’t know what good dey are asides bringin da good shiny metals to da spawnin’ world da spawnin’ world.

Dis is da time da great Muk sprung up. Da humies is startin’ ta get fighty with da gits dat look like da critters from dat Earf place. Dose ol’ blue gits dat been ‘roud foreva an’ da big horny boys is joinin in on da brawlin now. Da boys dat look kinda like us wif ugly mugs is fightin too so we’s gotta get in dere an’ show em green boys is even betta!

Muk’s done jabberin now ya gits. Da Black Forge is headin' out soon. Time ta get off ya lazy tails an’ bring Muk ‘is grub. Betta ‘urry or Muk’s eatin’ yous instead!

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