515 aka "Tsuguka"
Featured Character: 515
Played By Lavalung, June 2019 Player of the Month
Artwork by Lavalung

The report is as follows.

Year 2551 GSC, this massive human spaceship called the Pioneer is lost and alone. They don’t know how they got there, 200 years from where they started, in an unfamiliar part of the galaxy. Diagnostics point to sabotage. They have no support now, and they can’t get back.

So as humans do, they just colonised the first place with good air and land they could find. A desert planet they call Eden becomes their new base.

Over the next hundred years, they find out that they are not the only empire-builders around, and struggle to fight and remain independent. The rules are different here. Some of these other-men have better technology. Others can bend the very space around them using powers projected from within.

So it is year 3019 GSC now. The Alliance of old humans is getting stronger, but so are their enemies. There are those who embraced their technology and became better, the Empire of Tai Pan. There are the glowing horned ones with their big art-ships, the Kishargal. There are the tough militaristic desert-folk the Gartagen Union. Dozens more than that.

Outside-men who are feral and crazy, attacking the weak people on the edges of space. Outside-men messing with the empires from the inside. Some things older than any of this, secret great things that can’t be recorded they are so deadly.

Logically, this situation gives you two options. Unite the empires, and point that force at the greater threat… or pull the trigger and watch it all shatter completely.

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