Here is a collection of character artwork that is available for players to use for their characters here on Shattered Universe. This artwork was either created by a user on the site for use by the community or purchased by a member for the community.

Rules for Use

  • In the event that you decide to not use the character anymore, please return the art back to this page for another player to use.
  • It is first come, first serve, so please, if you adopt a piece of character art, please remove it from here.
  • Always credit the artist!
  • Donating artwork here does not relinquish ownership of the piece to the original commissioner or artist, this is just artwork being used on lease on the site. If you'd like to purchase the art and use it elsewhere, you can contact the artist or commissioner for more information.

Open Art

Tshuki Farisato Moe Base by Nukababe char by Kim
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