Gol Shir-del

Full Name: Gol Shir-del
Species: Yazata
Gender: Female
Religion: Halifelism
Age: 2999 GSC
Organization: The Kowlani Rangers
Rank: Lady Ranger
Occupation: Detective

Gol is a pretty easy to get along with woman, laid back and easygoing, neither too hard working nor too lazy. She falls somewhere in the middle, valuing her free time, but putting on the serious face for work. ​

At 19, she's not the most mature person to ever cross the stars, but as the Yazata mature somewhat earlier in their lives, she's had her share of adventures and misadventures. ​ Still, worldly would not be an appropriate description for her; she has spent most of her life in Kunai no Machi, a party city if ever there was one, and she's got a high tolerance for drunken debauchery. ​ Despite, or perhaps because of this, she's got a pretty solid moral compass, ascribing to a generally solid sense of morality which holds forth that everybody should have basic rights and respect. ​ Though her own species has undergone some less than desirable treatment from the Second Children and the Taianese,​ she nevertheless generally believes in equality for all and fun for everyone.

As a Ranger, she's the sort of “cop” that knows her beat and the people on it, who drops in for coffee and doughnuts. ​ In her estimation, her basic job is to make people feel safe while they go about their lives, and beyond that, she doesn'​t tend to throw her weight around unnecessarily. A few years before joining the Kowlani Rangers, Gol attended one of the police academies on Liang but found that their treatment of her people as lower-class citizens left her feeling more disillusioned with her career choice than proud. She feels that leaving her mark on the frontier trailblazes the way for others of her species, and other species, to forge new lives away from the prejudices carried by humankind.

In her private life she enjoys living big and rolling big; she's a gambler, and a bit of a lush, which prevents her from ever accumulating too much wealth. She has a close friendship with Lukina Aleksasha Bloodtree, which occasionally involves casual encounters, but always involves unwinding. In the Lorani province, she serves as the adjutant for Lord Creature du Rochon, who seems perfectly content to let her run things so he can go about his business of killing people elsewhere.


  • 1 service pistol,​ belt-holstered.
  • 1 Kowlani Ranger Insignia, ID Set.
  • Several sets of clothing.
  • Several “​Premium Member”​ membership cards, casinos, various.
  • The “Lucky Chip”.
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