Unit Model: Echoni Model 4
Unit Sub-Class: E-4-1
Registry Number: 444
Originator Code: Uso
Personality Type: Type E
Corruption Grade: A+
Psyche Grade: A+
Chosen Name: 444
Aliases: “Usually Smashes Once”
Date Of Fabrication: 3018
Current Placement: Hard Copy
444 has a lean body with dense muscle. She has been seen with her green hair in a variety of styles, though she appears to prefer a braid. Her eye color is a dark purple and her elven ears distinguish her from a normal humanoid. She stands about 5 foot 11 and lacks any cosmetic markings such as piercings or tattoos.
In early observation, 444 was noted to be highly aggressive. Her interactions with instructional robotics, other Echoni, and even other objects tended to begin with violence. Some of the staff in Bio-Fabrication Facility A#17 even started referring to her as “Usually Smashes Once” instead of her numerical designation of 444. Early interactions with another highly aggressive Echoni, number 515, showed a strong curiosity, will to dominate others, and fast action on her impulses. Prolonged observation and long-duration isolation have resulted in 444 showing greater restraint in resorting to violence as a first resort in situations where she feels uncertain about the outcome.
The initial boot-sequence for 444 went as expected and she has picked up the basics of language quickly, though it is clear she is lacking in vocabulary. Our initial exposure of 444 to unit 549 has resulted in 444 punching out some of 549's teeth and the loss of one of our security robots. We will have encourage the development of her personality beyond just punching things. She also appears to be highly aggravated by restraints and we should be looking into other methods of restricting her movement. - Dr. Barkley
444 destroyed the training robot when exposed to it. This is normal for aggressive type Echoni and we have responded by taking away her things and re-introducing her to Mr. Trinket. - Dr. Barkley
It has taken nearly two months for her to stop destroying Mr. Trinket when we introduce him into her room. That's nearly four times as long as other Echoni. We really need to get a more durable Mr. Trinket. -Dr. Barkley
Exposure of unit 444 to unit 515 was interesting. Rather than immediately engage in confrontation they exchanged knowledge about hair ties and then engaged in what looked like play wrestling. Unit 444 appeared to employ psychological warfare by kissing unit 515 prior to arm wrestling her hard enough to throw her into the wall and cause damage to her arms. They had wagered ownership of one another for this fight, and 444 proceeded to mark 515 with a bite on her shoulder near the neck. 515 appears disrupted by the encounter, though 444 not immediately reacting with violence is a large improvement. -Dr. Barkley
444 has not been cleared for active service at this time.
444 has not been cleared for equipment training at this time.
444 has not been cleared to handle material at this time.
444 has not been cleared to interact with base personnel at this time.
Unit 444 is not to be given any physical objects, or to be allowed to have interactions with security drones. Do not allow 444 to interact with other Echoni units unless sanctioned by the administrative staff.
SERIOUSLY STOP IGNORING THE NOTES ON 444's FILE! The only reason we haven't had fatalities at this facility is because we have gotten lucky. Don't let 444 get her hands on anything! Not our robots, not clothing, not OTHER echoni, and ESPECIALLY NOT OUR STAFF. Her ability to circumvent security measures is not to be underestimated. Anything that is exposed to her hands is something that she can wreck. We've had to redesign her cell door six times already just to keep her from breaking out. She's going to kill one of you someday and it'll be your fault for letting her get ahold of your PDA, your pen, or your napkins. -Dr. Barkley
∴Memory Fragment∴
444 has not expressed memory fragments.
444 has elven ears, and has been observed using them to listen to conversations outside of her cell through placing her ears against the wall. It is not known if her ears provide her with greater hearing capabilities than normal. The high aggression level of 444 has prevented auditory testing. She has also displayed extreme Strength and Reflexes. During application of correctional force unit 444 has show to require far less recovery time than other models.
Though provided with a gown upon initial activation, staff have noticed that she refuses to wear it. Though she normally does not wear clothing, she has been observed to use her blanket as a poncho.
Hand to Hand x3
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