Sample is a character controlled by lone_badass. She first appeared in getting your feet wet, and is actively involved in the kiwomian plots.

Atsila — aht-SEE-lah — “fire”
Art by lone badass used heromachine 3
Species & Gender Kiwomian, male
Date of Birth june/ 8/ 2998 GSC (20 years)
Organization: kiwoman military
Occupation: mercanary
  • Hair: buzzed black and grey hair trimmed into the standard high and kite style.
  • Eyes: faded hazle
  • Skin: tan.
  • Height: 8'1“
  • Weight: 415 lbs

Personality: A man of few word but wishes to do whats best for his people and empress weather they think so or not and very [rotective of the kiwomian diplomat due to her carrying his unborn child.

Atsila was born into the kiwomian military his destiny chosen from birth like his parents before him. His early years he was not given a name till the age of ten, much to his familys worry due to him being born premature he was thought he would not live past age five. Contrary to this thought he strived with a noticable burning will to live by the age of ten he had already earned his red band far before the unsual age as a diplomats child was attacked by the jungle wildlife he took up his fathers knife and dove in without fear but rage killing the beast and earning himelf his name Atsila meaning Fire. Him and the diplomates child became good freinds oftem meeting in secret as the social stigma of a soldier and diplomat was forbidden as far as relationships go eventually on the diplomats first assinment with the allience she asked for Atsila and one other kiwamian to join her because as far as her pregnancy is concerned she told her people the father died from the jungle not a uncommon feat of their world so Atsila became her bodygaurd for her and his child.

now a traveling gun for hire he's been on a few group teams but more often he's a lone unit. running with his own custom versions of kiwomian tech and armor Astilla is a force to be reckoned with.



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