Heram Wazu

Heram is the prodigal son of the Wazu family. While others in his family have all achieved success in various fields, he was singled out extra attention at school. This extra attention soon turned to self-directed learning largely through automated coursework. A rather lacking in empathy Heram would end up leaving his homeworld of Hawking, though his adventures and eventual participation in the The Paradise War and Wangdaio colonies would shape him into the more restrained individual he is today.

The princling has made a name for himself in certain circles with his technological and scientific contributions to the Interstellar Alliance.

Heram is a character played by Uso.

Heram James Wazu
Species: Human male
Gender: male
Year of Birth: 2983 GSC
Height: 5'11“ (152 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs (41 kg)
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Self-Employed

Heram was born into the Wazu family in 2983. With the Alliance pushing a growth policy, he would end up being one of several brothers and sisters. The Wazu family itself has a rather short lineage, with a minimal amount of family tradition, but for the most part its members all were drawn into various professions with the goal of helping others including health care, education, and justice. While Heram would be influenced by this, he would mostly be drawn to computers and engineering. From an early age he enjoyed taking things apart and sketching designs. Early in life he would be signed out for additional schooling, which would largely place him into various automated-learning programs.

Early on, Heram would develop a bit of a superiority complex from this. He often felt smarter than his teachers, his parents, and those around him in general. This would have drastic effects on his ability to empathize with other people. In his late teens he could be described as robotic and unlikable. It was around this time he would fall in with the less reputable elements on Planet Hawking, where he would start developing the skills he picked up from those less interested in the well being of everyone. This would start him down the path of augmenting the abilities of his body as well. Though he was already born to a well-off family in the alliance, complete with a body free of disease and numerous advantages from medical technology, he chose to aggressively pursue other options for improvement starting with gene-mods, and eventually cybernetics, drugs, and careful control of his intakes including food and atmosphere. This would lead him to become a bit reclusive and even less empathetic with others of his own race.

By this point, Heram would be in his 20s, and would have an affinity for working with Taipan. Though he produced a number of ship designs and weapon systems, the majority of these would be unremarkable with only a handful of components, parts, or ideas making their way into more mainstream technologies. His independent adventures would take him across much of the sector where he earned his keep working as an engineer and science officer for independent ships.

Between 3008 and 3015, Heram would largely disappear. Though he made contributions during the Paradise War, and helped in the evacuation of the Wangdaio colonies, it is hard to say exactly where he was during this time period. Though when he returned to the Interstellar Alliance in 3016 he was very much a changed man. His body no longer extensively used cybernetics, he was far more empathetic with other people, and the massive outpouring of new technology, designs, and infrastructure projects he was able to complete over the next few years made a name for himself in certain circles.

He would use his newfound success in the Alliance to help friends get positions that would later be beneficial for himself, as well as to put together an expidition to a Dyson Swarm with help from the Interstellar Alliance Foreign Legion. From the perspective of bringing back useful technology, the expedition was a failure and would return without bringing anything useful. This did attract the attention of the anti-memetic intelligence unit inside of the Alliance known as the Frogmen, who had independently determined that the Dyson sphere and the information contained therein was an existential threat to the Alliance and needed to be destroyed.

Upon return to his homeworld of Hawking, Wazu would be caught up in the New Cambridge River Incident, nearly ending up abducted by the Frogmen group.

Soon after the New Cambridge River Incident, he would use his connections to get himself appointed as ambassador to the Kiwomians, and would hold a summit between all the major powers on board the IAS Edward Deming. Though his push to do things on his own would rub the Alliance Diplomatic core the wrong way, the summit could be considered mostly successful… though the run in with Kōrui Hoshiko would leave Heram scrambling to resolve diplomatic tensions between Tai Pan, The Kiwomians, and the Adlet rather than spending his time helping with resolving the increasingly damaging situation on his home world.

Heram is still very careful when outwardly expressing emotion, and usually gives consideration to everything he says. He is normally confident in himself, and quite willing to take on even excessive risks in the belief that he'll be able to handle challenging situations. He is often willing, even eager, to take on Faustian bargains to improve his situation.

Heram has few real emotional connections to people, and often his desire to open up can lead him to misjudge people and situations.

Furthermore, Heram's performs a lot of maintance on his own body. He carefully regulates food intake and chemical supplements for best results. While this makes him extremely productive, it doesn't take more than a day or two of going off his routine before fray'ed edges start to show. He will noticeably become quicker to anger and easily distracted as his professional demeanor is eroded. While he normally does not handle people he views as incapable very well, he can be outright demeaning if he is already stressed.

Heram has a driven and efficient appearance about him, usually preferring well fitting clothing suited for the task at hand. His hair is usually pulled back in a low maintenance pony tail, preferring styles that are easy and efficient. He has the leaner body of a runner, though his goals are to 'stay fit' rather than build muscle mass.

  • Height: 5' (152 cm)
  • Weight: 122 lbs (55 kg)
  • Measurements: 28C-24-34 (71-61-76 cm)

Build and Skin Color: Heram is fairly normal for an alliance citizen, no health problems, generally fit, aberage height. He has a lean, runner's body tone and fair skin.

Eyes and Facial Features: Heram's eyes are grey, and he has a relatively soft face.

Hair Color and Style: His hair style can best be described as low maintenance, generally well kept, clean, and brushed, but left in a ponytail.

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