Huojin Liu

Huojin is a character controlled by Helios. he first appeared in forum thread and is actively involved in the plot.

About Huojin
Species & Gender half-elf, male
Date of Birth September / 14 / 3000 GSC (19 years)
Organization: N/A for now
Occupation: unemployed
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Story Arcs
  • Hair: Long straight black hair that falls to his collar, occasionally worn tied into a bun.
  • Eyes: Light blue-grey
  • Skin: Pale.
  • Height: 5'9“
  • Weight: 158 lbs

Description: Huojin has an almost angelic face full of soft features that makes him look so perfect you'd think he was covered in bubble wrap for all his life, almost is the key word because for all the beauty in perfect eyebrows completely, clear skin and literally not one laugh line or wrinkle there is one imperfect blemish, a nasty scar over his right temple that twists into a deep and ragged crevice in his skin the more you focus on it. otherwise he isn't particularly special, Huojin looks like every other half elf, slightly pointed ears with two helix piercings in the right ear and one in each lobe, all black to match his hair and further extenuate his stormy blue eyes from his mother on the backdrop of pale white skin from his father. He isn't a brute by any stretch of the imagination, Huojin is strong enough to protect himself and throw a mean punch but he won't be a power lifter any time soon.

Personality: with no recollection of his past Huojin bases his actions and personality off how he's been told to act by his 'Savior' meaning he takes a back seat in discussions of a serious matter, allowing those more experienced than himself to share their expertise, he could well be described as reserved and observant as he listens to conversation in an attempt to understand the customs of his situation. Huojin has a somewhat darker side due to his memory loss, well aware that when he lost it he could also have lost his life altogether, with this knowledge in the back of his mind at all times he can be rather ruthless when it comes to defending himself or those who have protected him/looked after him whilst he was vulnerable.

  • Father: currently unknown (second class Tainese man)
  • Mother: currently unknown (elvish woman)
  • Siblings: currently unknown ( fully Tainese half brother)

Incredibly little is known to him or anyone else about his history, having been found in a pile of blood, some his own and some not, with absolutely no memory of how he came to be there or who he was he was taken in by a member of the upstart crime family in the place where he had fallen unconscious. While Huojin was nursed back to health by the family he was helpfully informed of who he was and that he had racked up quite a debt to said family because he had got himself into a fight with them that ended being more fatal than either intended, so to pay said debt the half elf would have to take this persons place within the family.

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