Dr. Kala Vilhjálmsson

Kala Vilhjálmsson is a player character played by Noodles.

Kala Vilhjálmssonn
Species & Gender: Human Female
Date of Birth July 10th, 2974 GSC
Age: 42
Height: 5'8“ (172.71 cm)
Weight: 175 lbs
Organization: Alliance Navy
Occupation: Medical Officer
Rank: Lieutenant

Kala stands at a slightly above average of 5'8” (172.71 cm) and weighs 175 lbs. She has a slim, somewhat athletic body type with slightly defined muscle visible on her body, and a 34 C bust. Her skin is quite fair, but she shows signs of aging- laugh lines, the start of crows feet- Not 'Old' yet, but certainly 'mature'. She has thick, shoulder-length golden blonde hair that and frames her heart-shaped face. Her eyes are a light sky-blue in color; They are approximately a single eye's length apart (1 Inch/2.5 cm). Between her eyes sits a small, slightly crooked nose.

Her voice sits at the lowest end of the Soprano range. She speaks quietly, just above a whisper, but sharply.

Kala is an experienced, mature sort of woman- Someone that has had plenty of time to concrete the type of person they are. She's the type of person who knows what she wants and how she's going to get it- if there's a problem, one can be assured that it'll be heard. Kala is an open- but not necessarily friendly woman, the sort of person that will tell you exactly what's on her mind with very little tact. Not for lack of social experience, but for the fact that she's decidedly too old to give a shit.

Her aggressive, quick-tempered nature is only amplified on the job- Although, those who find themselves under her care as a patient are likely to be treated with much gentler care.

Human Biology

Kala's focus as an alliance doctor- given that a majority of Alliance military personnel are human. With over 24 years of constant study she's incredibly well versed in the human body and how it interacts with both internal and external stimuli.

Xeno (Non-Human) Biology

Another forever ongoing study, and an ever-expanding list of species to study at that- but currently her largest focus is on Tainese and Kishargal biology- given their (very different) relations with the Alliance

Internal Medicine

Her Professional focus as an Alliance doctor- With knowledge from years, and years of constant study with nearly as many years of hands-on experience there is nary a disease, injury, or ailment that Kala cannot treat- with at least some degree of success (At least within human personnel).

This Skill also relates to the use of medical technologies.

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