Malik Voss is the main protagonist in the a novel based on The Elf and the Templar. Voss is a templar of the The Church of the Holy Sword charged with hunting runaway Embers, killing Aphotic, apostates, and elven mages and recovering Heartstone artifacts on Jord.

Malik Voss was originally Michael Voss, Ship Security Officer turned Yakuza crime boss, turned pirate Admiral in his original incarnation. Within Shattered Universe, Malik Voss only shares a handful of aspects of who the character was before. He was originally a NPC created by Fox and has evolved into a PC. Through the upcoming novels and The Elf and the Templar, readers will learn more about Jord, magic and The Church of the Holy Sword.

Malik Voss
Art by Farisato
Species Human
Occupation Templar of the The Church of the Holy Sword
The faint outline of a rider eventually broke through the motes of light, but steadily falling whiteness. The maraium armor was silver-gray in the gloaming. She could make out the thick fur that padded beneath it, to prevent its wearer from freezing, and it was gray and white. The paragons of humanity didn't dress like butchers did. Had they, it would have been red armor with a red cloak, and horses black as night.

Instead, it was Malik Voss, all in white, his horse's head turned northwards, the brown mastiff loping along beside the two of them. Sintija noticed that Malik had fashioned a sort of coat for the dog, the same as the lining of his armor. She knew that the dog, and the horse, were what passed for friends in his lonely world.

….The man reached up to unbuckle his helmet and when he removed it, she saw that he had worn a scarf, the outside of which seemed rife with frost crystals, as chilly as the helmet's visor had been. His iron-blue eyes tended towards greener hues near the iris; he set the helmet aside on his saddle.
From The Elf and the Templar
  • * Relationships: It's Complicated
  • * Childhood (Things Fox needs to fill out)
  • * Adrian Voss (Things Fox needs to fill out)
  • * Templar Initiate (Things Fox needs to fill out)
Art by Tshuki
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