Ori Hypatia

Ori Hypatia is a player character controlled by Jabonicus.

Ori Hypatia
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 160cm (5' 3”)
Weight: 40kg (90 lbs)
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Tech Expert
Rank: Security Specialist
Current Placement: Freelance

Ori is a lightly built and almost frail person, lacking much fat or muscle mass across her body, though she seems to be in fair health, all things considered. She appears well nourished, and though lightweight and possibly underweight, her body seems to have developed properly in her youth. Due to having Refractory Promean Syndrome, her wounds do not respond to advanced medicine correctly, leaving her scars majorly untreatable.

Roughly half, give or take a bit, of her body is covered in severe burn scars, favoring her left side though the path of the scars show no hesitation in reaching across her middle. Her face is split by scars, with a section of the charred flesh dashing across the bridge of her nose to her other cheek, and thankfully rounding away from her lips before it overtakes the middle once more around her throat. The scarring appears to go towards and under her hairline, and the presence at the back of her neck and around her ear makes it apparent that it goes around a good portion of her skull. Due to the burns, she finds it difficult to grow hair into something substantial, and instead wears a high quality wig that mimics the qualities of real hair.

Her left eye is often hidden by an eyepatch, though once removed it's quite clear that it's completely absent of her skull. Having been removed through surgery due to extensive damage, her left eye seems to have a 'hollow, squinted-shut' appearance to it.

Her torso, left arm, and left leg are overtaken by burns in an inconsistent, and warped manner, with spots on her back and front seeming to meld into each other. Her left arm is almost entirely scarred save for small strips of spared skin, and her joints show signs of surgery to increase the mobility of damaged flesh there, the same scars present on her left leg. Her right leg and right arm have smaller amounts of scarring, but they are still present in jagged strips.

Ori unfortunately is affected by the trauma of her wounds more than she would like to admit. As a result her mood can shift rather quickly and with little warning. Overall, Ori is a shy person who has a hard time initiating social interaction, and heavily dislikes crowds, and shows discomfort at handling more aggressive or angry personalities. A timid person overall, she's extreme self-conscious of her body, especially her scars, and goes out of her way to cover them up, even around people she knows. It takes a good deal of confidence for her to show her hand and face, and on worse days sometimes she's reluctant to show that much.

On better days she can briefly have stints where she is more outgoing in starting social things, but doing so tends to be very emotionally and socially draining, and is likely only done with people she already knows and trusts. Showing her scars in any amount is a great test of trust and confidence for her, and isn't something she ever takes lightly.

On worse days, she's obviously more withdrawn, even among those she knows, to the point of seclusion. On these days it can be easy for her to forget to eat, or to obsess over something like work to clear her mind, and thus forget to do other things. During these bad days she's not against being around others, but she becomes excessively passive instead.

Birth Planet Information

Locally known as 'Shear,' it is windswept planet that consisted widely of plains, offset by mesas, ravines, and mountains that rose very tall into sudden peaks. The habitat of her colony was designed to withstand the severe and often dangerous winds of the planet, which were one of the largest threats on the planets, which was otherwise low on predatory risks, and graced with fertile soil. The colony was known and favored to some due to its high level of education standard for its youth, and more impressively, its excessively high medical ability in its hospitals.

The planet was split into very few biomes, as the mesas and plains constituted a large section of it, with the northern hemisphere having sturdy, short grass that was covered in snow most of the year, and the southern hemisphere being more grass dominated and warmer.


Ori was born on the northern hemisphere of Shear, to a colony family that had migrated there in the colonies third generation, some time after the infrastructure both socially and structurally had become sound. Being raised by a structured school system, Ori grew up well with other students, and though she lacked in some areas of studies, at a young age she quickly showed aptitude for computers and similar processes, and was shifted to focus her studies on that as she moved into her teen years.

Ori was never a social butterfly, but she was social enough to have a decent friend group which she spent a great deal of time with growing up, one that persisted into her teens and likely had a great deal of influence in how she developed. She had a good life ahead of her, and she was quite happy to stride forward through her days, until the day the library she spent a great deal of time in was burned to the ground in an act of arson. She and her friends were present in the library at the time it burned down, and most of them made it out as the building was engulfed in well placed flames, and unfortunately Ori was not one of them.

Ori was pulled out by first responders before the building collapsed, and though she was alive, she was severely wounded, with most of her body being covered in serious burns, and though it was unlikely that she would survive the shock, she managed to pull through long enough to be transported to the habitats hospital, specifically to its burn ward. While she was stabilized, an issue was quickly found, the methods and technology they used to quicken the healing and correct the scars were not working, and the body barely seemed to register their presence. Being forced to rely on more mundane and traditional methods of treatment, Ori's healing became an ordeal all of its own.

Between months of pain and discomfort, her body slowly healed, although warped and damaged irreversibly in the course of a day. Not only was it physically scarring and damaging, it dealt extensive emotional and mental trauma as well, from both the dysphoria of having such extreme damage done to her body, but having to mature so quickly to deal with the pain and reality of the situation. She became distant from the people she once called close friends, and became more reclusive, her once frequent smile vanishing. Frequent surgeries corrected her flesh and allowed motion in her limbs, and despite the harshness of her condition, she improved.

She had been practically bed-bound for several months, though she remained in hospital care for the better part of two years, both to help the later healing process and to keep a close eye on her. She was released in time to see the completion of the new library in the place of the old one, designed with a much more durable structure, though Ori herself could never muster the courage to go inside. Staying with family as she adjusted to life outside the hospital, she found that, despite the treatments and surgeries, she was nowhere near as flexible or as agile as she had once been. Furthermore, despite having plenty of time to grow used to her new appearance, she still seemed shocked and disgusted by herself, avoiding mirrors, and refusing to let anyone see her scars, go as far as to wear bandages long after they were necessary.

As time went on, mentally she began to get better, she became more brave and more wanting of life, more wanting to leave her scars behind and pursue the dreams she once had. But as she tried to do so, she found an issue she could not stand, those around her that had known her since childhood treated her as if she was still a wounded child, to be spoken softly to and to be given everything. It was humiliating, degrading in the worst of ways, and on a dark night she took a shuttle off planet, taking a chance in the Galaxy to find a place where she could belong. Naturally, it was much more difficult than she could have anticipated, and she began to cover her scars once more.

That was until she found an opportunity on the Y-Haul ship, under Captain Yoshi, who treated her not just as a cripple, but as a young woman with a purpose, one who needed help, but didn't want to rely on it. She had a chance, and she would not let it wrestle free so easily.

Ori Hypatia has the following notable items:

  • Computer Integrational Implant
  • Shear Ponchos
  • Standard clothing/supplies
  • Personal datapad
  • Personal computer
  • Electronic maintenance kit
  • Yoshi Katai: Captain of the Y-Haul, friend and authority figure to Ori. Ori trusts her, but is not a close friend yet.
  • Brianna: A fellow member of the Y-Haul, though Brianna is an engineer. Ori likes Brianna and considers her a friend, and is very much wanting to bring the two of them closer.

This character is not adoptable under any circumstances unless stated otherwise by Jabonicus.

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