Sidurra Gallve

Sidurra Gallve is a player character played by Gunsight1.

Sidurra Gallve
Species: Kishargal
Gender: Female
Born: 1701 ce, 5th Month (REDACTED)
Age: 103
Clan: Gallve
Occupation: Royal Army Heavy Cavalry, Retired
Rank: Major
Current Placement: None

Height: 9' 9” (298cm)

Weight: 347lbs (157.4kg)

Build, Skin Color and Skin Pattern:

Sidurra is tall, curvy and muscular in build. She comes from a life of hard work in the service of the Royal Army. She has creamy medium tan skin with patterns of combined stripes and spots in glowing violet.

Eyes and ears:

Her eyes are bright gold and large. She has long pointed ears that stand out from the sides of her head. Her left ear is cut short from an old war wound.


Sidurra has long curved horns that as a deep reddish brown, that curve out and up and forward, with patterns of violet spots running along the edges of the horns

Hair Color:

Her hair is brilliant glowing gold. She keeps her hair long, running down to her mid back. She usually wears her hair pulled back into a tail or a braid.


Sidurra's tail is smooth, lined with stripes and spots. She has a sharpened arrowhead shaped tail barb with several chips in it's edge.

Distinguishing Features:

Sidurra has several battle scars that are visible. Her left ear is cut short and she has a long livid scar on the right side of her face, from her temple to her chin. She has multiple scars on her arms, legs and torso from cuts and stabs and bullet wounds she took during her time in the army.

  • Personality: She is a strong willed, sarcastic and fun loving person, though she is known to be very serious when it comes to battle. She has a very strong set of morals and code of honor and does not stand someone who questions or violates her moral code.
  • Likes: Riding, alcohol, games, nature, money, music, food
  • Dislikes: Bad people,
  • Goals: Make lots of money, live comfortably

Family: Calam Gallve (Father), Radjni Gallve (Mother)

Born in 1701 to Calam and Radjni Gallve on planet Ersetu, the island of Lann. Her family was well off and both of her parents had served in the Royal Army in their youth, though were now respected business owners in their local community. When she was 15 she desired to follow her parents into the army. Her parents purchased her a commission in the Cavalry, the rank of Cornet.

As a child Sidurra had always loved riding the great Kirikuu that her parents bred and she took well to cavalry training. She was posted to the 9th Curiassers. She was part of the heavy cavalry, the fierce mounted fighting force of the Royal Army, who charged into battle on the great armored warbirds, wielding saber, pike and carbine.

As a time of relative peace, there was little for the Curiassers to do but train and patrol their assigned territories. The 9th Curiassers were posted to the home world, allowing Sidurra to visit her parents often and have an easy time as she learned the ways of being an officer in the cavalry. Over thee peaceful years she was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the 2nd Company, where she found better opportunity to learn the leadership she needed.

In 1739 she went to half pay, temporarily out of service as the 9th was reorganized with no place for her or many of the other junior officers. She spent a few years back home helping her family in their business. She spent almost six years on half pay before she was offered a new posting with the 11th Curiassers, which she accepted immediately.

In the 11th, Sidurra was posted to the outer territories, on planet Marrad, where there was substantial organized pirate activity. Here she faced combat for the first time, protecting the outer settlements on the main continent from raiders. She proved to be incredibly fierce and unforgiving in battle, charging into a fray with her saber or pike ready to strike down the enemy.

Sidurra was gravely wounded in 1749 when she was dismounted by a raider's bullet, which struck her in the abdomen and toppled her from her warbird. She nearly died on the battlefield, if not for her fellow Lieutenant and friend, who found her and administered medical aid.

With the outbreak of the civil war in 1754, Sidurra, along with the bulk of the 11th stayed loyal to the government. Marrad saw some of the bloodiest battles of the war and Sidurra and her battalion were in the thick of it. She was field promoted to Captain in 55, when her company's captain was killed and became defacto commander of the 11th's 7 company. In this same battle she also gained the scar to the right of her face when she was slashed at by an enemy cutlass.

The civil was was long and bloody, Sidurra saw many of her friends and colleagues killed in bitter battle. She was formally promoted to her rank in 1759 and continued to fight most of the was on Marrad.

As the war came to it's final year, the 11th Curiassers was relocated to the homeworld to aid in fending off the final major enemy campaign against the capital. 1761 saw less and less battles as both sides of the war were weary and did not relish fighting their countrymen any longer. Despite this, there were still several bloody battles, including one final fight near the capital city it's self, where Sidurra lost part of her ear and was stabbed through the left thigh.

The civil war ended in late 1761 and saw a weary peace fall over the dominion as former enemies saw themselves slowly reintegrating into the regular military. Sidurra, still recovering from her wounds, was reassigned to the 11th's training company, where she could train new members joining the Battalion. She spent nearly a decade at this post, enjoying the time passing on her knowledge and experience to the next generation of Curiassers.

In mid 1771 she was promoted to the rank of Major and found herself back in command of her old company, 7th Company of the 11th Curiassers. There were still many familiar faces that she had fought along side during the war and some that she herself had trained in the years since.

As the fear of reopening of recent wounds and civil unrest lessened, the Army began to slowly draw down. 1780 saw many of the Curiasser battalions disbanded, including the 11th, of which she had spent the bulk of her career in. Luckily, as a combat veteran, there was need for people with her skills and Major Sidurra Gallve was assigned to command the 2nd Company of the 5th Curiassers, based on Kadingir. She remained in this posting for five years of peacetime.

Sidurra retired from the army in 1785, a decorated and accomplished Major of Her Majesty's Army. Returning home to Lann, she purchased a small house and returned, as best as she could, to life as a civilian, again aiding her family business. She found this life boring, lacking the excitement and danger of army life and battle. She found also she had little tolerance for those around her who had weathered the civil war in one of the places that had seen no battle and felt little effect of the madness that had swept over the Dominion for nearly a decade.

She found herself in trouble, a lot, hitting the bottle, a lot, as she struggled with civilian life after having been a warrior. She hated the peacefulness, the calmness and the lack of battle. One night, while at her usual pub, she was cornered by her old friend from the army and told of a business venture his family had out beyond the Ersetu borders. A frontier settlement where their family had set up to live free of the confines of the isolationist government and also, quietly, raised some of the finest Kirikuu around. It was on the frontier, dangerous and offered excitement and the possibility of fortune. Within the month, she was on a small ship quietly sailing for this new opportunity.

The world was alien to the Ersetu, or at least had been since the beginning of the great isolation a thousand years before. This world, Asura III, was inhabited by many aliens unknown to Sidurra and she found the frontier life, living in a land that was uncivilized and wild, exhilarating. She has not returned to Ersetu space since she left for this new adventure, instead, remaining at hew new home.

Over the years, she has become what may be considered a law person in the small Ersetu community that lives there.

  • 1716 - Entered into Royal Army Cavalry, Commission purchased as a Cornet
  • 1717 - Posted to 4th Company, 9th Curiassers after completion of basic training
  • 1722 - Promoted to Lieutenant, in 4th Company, 9th Curiassers
  • 1736 - Moved to 2nd Company, 9th Curiassers
  • 1739 - Half Pay
  • 1744 - Lieutenant, 7th Company, 11th Curiassers
  • 1755 - Field promotion to Captain, command of 7th Company, 11th Curiassers
  • 1759 - Promoted to Captain, command of 7th Company, 11th Curiassers
  • 1762 - Assigned to command of 10th training Company, 11th Curiassers
  • 1771 - Promoted to Major, command of 7th Company, 11th Curiassers
  • 1780 - Assigned to command of 2nd Company, 5th Curiassers
  • 1785 - Retired from the service

Sidurra received basic instruction in mathematics, reading, writing and basic technology use.

  • Fighting
  • Riding
  • Marksmanship
  • Swordsmanship
  • Communications
  • Survival
  • Leadership
  • First Aid

Sidurra has the following personal effects.

  • Regular Civilian Clothing
  • Fancy Civilian Cloathing
  • Great Coat
  • Cloak
  • Boots
  • Belt
  • Hat
  • Cuirasser Major's Uniform
  • Army Shako hat
  • Undergarments
  • Cavalry flintlock laser pistol
  • Cavalry flintlock laser carbine
  • Heavy cavalry saber
  • Hunting rifle
  • Commlink
  • Collapsible telescope
  • Toiletry kit
  • First aid kit
  • Kirikuu warbird

Sidurra is a retired Major and receives a monthly salary of <number> Sovereigns.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
1500 Sovereigns Starting Funds
  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
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