Sintija Ziemeļi

Sintija Ziemeļi is a Tatya Hinya from Jord. She first made her appearance in The Elf and the Templar. She is a character controlled by Kim.

Sintija Ziemeļi
Art by: Farisato / Outfit design by popza10cm
Species: Tatya Hinya
Gender: Female
Born: 2948 GSC
Age: 70
Occupation: Laumiņa Magus
Current Placement:
  • Height: 5'2”
  • Weight: 95lbs
  • Measurements: 32 (30B)-22-31
  • Build, Skin Color: Fair skin, lean body is modestly proportioned with a slender waist and wide hips.
  • Facial Features She has a heart shaped face with almond shaped sky blue eyes with the iridescence common to Jordian tatya hini.
  • Hair Color: Shoulder length, straight blonde hair with long side swept bangs that fall slightly below her eyes. Sintija typically wears her hair in braided pigtails that rest on her shoulders or pulled back into a high ponytail.
  • Distinguishing Features: She has a diagonal scar under her left breast between her ribs.
  • Personality: Level-headed, calm, and quick on her feet, she tends to go where Lamia guides her. She values life and understands the importance of The Word and how everything is interconnected through it. She only takes life out of necessity and will do her best to not kill her opponents. Her work has taken her far from home and she has spent most of her adult life alone and working counter to the purposes of The Church of the Holy Sword.
  • Likes: Birds, Malik, snow, forget-me-nots, archery.
  • The village of Debesskoka
  • Mother: Ildilyntra Virmyar
  • Father: Jevgenijs Ziemeli
  • Husband: Malik Voss
  • 2 Daughters

Sintija Ziemeļi was born in the village of Debesskoka (Skywood) in the North Western mountain range, Debesissasniedz (Heaven's Reach) of Jord, she was groomed by her community to be a hunter and healer but she showed particular aptitude in manipulation of The Word. She was sent out to on missions to fortify the Debesskoka's magical wards to prevent human intrusion into Tatya hini lands and recover Heartstone artifacts from The Church of the Holy Sword.

Throughout her many excursions into the lands controlled by the Church she encountered many templars and confounded them- leading them astray and recovering both artifacts and Embers from their custody. She was able to avoid killing her enemies but there were times where she was not so fortunate and was not able to walk away unscathed. Over the course of 10 years, she only encountered one templar of the Church more than once, Malik Voss. She met him before he completed his training, on his first mission after he was ordained and on the third time, years after the second encounter, when she was sent by her elders to interfere with him directly.

During the second encounter, she was pursuing a apostate that had stolen a heartstone pendant from an old temple of Saule. She had disguised herself with a glamour and Voss came upon her as she was putting her horse to stable during a thunderstorm. They had a scuffle that was interrupted by the apostate that dropped them both into a pit. She managed to stop their descent but Voss's Maraium armor prevented her from reacting faster and resulted in him hitting ledge in such a way that would have killed him if she had left him to his own devices. She saved his life using her life force to get around the Maraium armor's magic grounding effects and found herself bound to him. In the years that followed, she saw images of him in waking and in her dreams that allowed her a deeper sense of who Malik was in private and what he did but did not give her the true history of the man. She longed for him like she had no other. She rose in prominence as a Laumiņa and was eventually tasked to go after Malik.

The 3rd encounter….

Sintija has the following personal effects:

  • Bow
  • Quiver
  • Arrows
  • Heartstone
  • (Heartstone Gun)
  • Maraium breech loaded pistol

Malik and Sintija picture by Tshuki. Dress designed by Lonary

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