Ztreviek Grezscau

Ztreviek Grezscau is a character controlled by mortuaryinsurgency.

Species & Gender Species Unknown, Male
Date of Birth 11/08/2976 GSC (43 years)
Organization: Wangdaio Colonies
Occupation: Soldier
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: The Donkey
  • Hair: N/A.
  • Eyes: Light blue-green
  • Skin: Dried blood red and muddy grass green/brown. Covered by exoskeleton.
  • Height: 8'2“
  • Weight: 1095 lbs


A towering arthropod like alien of unknown origin and species. His entire body is covered in a kind of flexible plating-like carapace a faded, mottled dark brown and red that appears to be organic but closer observation reveals cybernetics and integrated biomatter that matches no known designs. Much of it overlaps and interlinks, spaced out by a sort of black rubbery looking mesh like material. He has two arms and legs - the former end in long spider leg like fingers multi-jointed like his arms and arranged in a circular formation and the latter in wider almost pad-like feet with shorter clawed toes even on the back. However what is most striking is that he has eight additional limbs that emerge from across his back, each one ending in six slender claw-like fingers arranged in a way akin to a triangular hourglass. Said limbs are a bit thinner and more slender than his primary ones. Four of these eight can extend quite long and resemble six-pronged claws akin to those of some large crustacean but in semi sickle like formations.

His face is usually obscured behind a dome-like helmet but underneath it is a face not any less unusual than the rest of his body. His head is not really circular but partially elongated and sleekly streamlined and flattened, akin to a mixture of a devil's coach horse beetle and a phronima. This results in a sleek predatory shape with four eyes placed on the left and right side of his head, resembling small pitch black domes. Between them and on his forehead is a cluster of four eyes that provide additional precise vision and above those are a pair of retractable antennae of which there is a smaller pair underneath the left and right sides of his mouth. Speaking of that, his mouth usually appears hidden behind what appears to be a covering of exoskeleton but when need be, it retracts and reveals a nightmarish maze of various pinching, slicing, cutting, impaling, and tearing appendages more akin to an army of predatory limbs. Some of these appear to be symbiotic organisms of some sort but they appear to obey his bodily commands.

His voice is best described as “sawing”; it has a rough and distorted tone almost as if using some sort of voice recognition blurring device. He can change the level of distortion to the point where it is nearly impossible to hear what he's saying behind the wall of buzzing noise or speak with a coldly dispassionate clarity as if filtered through voice processing software. He has a somewhat wet smell to him, almost like a grassy field after a heavy rain.


Rough around the edges, critical of others, but not heartless. A harsh and uncompromising upbringing forged Ztreviek into a person who is as resolute as he is ruthless. It also taught him the importance of teamwork and cooperation, tempering his grim demeanour with a deep-set willingness for accommodation and fair treatment. He tends to prefer to view the bigger picture and treat others with regards to that. Subsequently, he can be distantly analytical in a sharp contrast to his normally vigorous behaviour to the extent of becoming silently detached. In spite of this, he will not hesitate to protect or help others though his altruism emerges less from kindness and more of a belief in efficiency and unity.

There are two things that motivate all that he does; finding a home for his nomad and refugee people and discovering what happened to his own particular species that forced them into this state. To that extent, he's on the look for anyone who can help them and is willing to a degree of compromise in order to ensure their security in the galaxy. He is dedicated to a level of martyrdom if need be and can be very aggressive if questioned on it. This informs his compassion towards the downtrodden, displaced, impoverished, and otherwise shattered by conflict and exploitation. He is fairly open about his political views but not dogmatic enough to not understand the value of realpolitik. He does understand the value of hiding some of his more radical viewpoints only to act on them later.

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Best Friend: Unknown

Ztreviek Grezscau is a member of a faction of large arthropod organisms that came from regions unknown along with two fleets of fungoid and eel-like organisms alike. While the latter two have a known reason for their exodus from wherever they came, the arthropods know nothing of their origins but do know the fungoids and eels are their allies. Growing up in a large fleet of ships and in particular on the Biohabitation Hive Vessels, his life was initially comfortable as a larval entity but upon reaching adulthood, the ambiguity and uncertainty of his kind's existence became clear as well as the danger that surrounded them. In spite of its size, the fleet was a frequent target of raiders, marauders, and even vessels belonging to the same species. In this tumultuous time period, Ztreviek grew up seeing his kind and their allies beset from without by enemies that both did and did not bear the exact same appearance as his own people and from within by political dissidence and ideological friction amongst all three fleets. Answers in this time were uncertain but as more and more were lost to these conflicts, he vowed to find not only the truth about why they were all exiled but to create a home for them wherever that would be.

When his kind settled onto the Wangdaio Colonies after the Wangdaio Colony Blackout, they dispersed into the ruins and wilderness using the chaos to settle down as well as to begin scouring these worlds. Ztreviek was part of the first teams tasked with not only securing settlement grounds but also sent on more covert missions later revealed to be attempting to be find what were supposed to be hidden outposts placed in these colonies many years ago by their own people. The level of savagery he saw and the way ordinary civilians turned into both prey and predator horrified him to the core but it strengthened his resolve to make sure that the same desolation would never befall his own. More than that, it pushed him to extend his efforts outside of merely a future for his own and due to his appeals and efforts along with others, they began to integrate the various survivors of the blackout into their own populace.

Amidst a period of relative stability, Ztreviek's current assignment is part of an ongoing process of his kind to try and see what the rest of the galaxy is like. To investigate their various neighbours and the greater powers that be and to see if any alliances or other productive relationships can be formed. Ztreviek in particular is currently serving on the Interstellar Alliance vessel The Donkey to get an idea of what they are like and whether or not they are eligible as future allies.

Synchronized Carapace-Armour

Some think it's his “skin” and they're not really wrong but they're not fully correct either. Whatever Ztreviek “natural” carapace is like is unknown due to the fact that it's been tinkered with and “edited” so many times as to practically be more of a suit of armour attached to his body. Interwoven organic and metallic components form its outer shell made flexible with a thinner cartilage-like alloy covering a sort of ballistic moss-mesh that separates plating and allows for more flexibility. It is the equivalent of a suit of powered armour scaled up for an enormous organism and it is noted that robotic servos and what appears to be some sort of cultured muscle mass colonies slightly augment his strength though they appear to be more for fine limb control.

Internal Augmentative System

Whereas his carapace is meant to protect him, his network of robotics and symbiotic biomass on the other hand allows him to network the various foreign organisms and implants in his heavily modified body and take use of a number of data-sharing and processing systems, making him somewhat of a cyborg. A lot of his armour's power actually comes from how it's connected to this network of metal and flesh, partially “living” through its complex processes. It is both the majority of his cybernetics and his physical enhancements, such as the targeting programs he runs through his various eyes, the data analysers for his sense of smell, taste, and hearing, or and the colonies of organisms that help to take care of his internal processes and even assist with some light repairs in the case of damage.

Hellhammer Assault rifle

The weapon's actual name is long and unwieldy to the point he doesn't even bother using it but this terrifying weapon's horrific roar and large calibre have earned it this far more fitting title. It is Ztreviek's signature weapon, a somewhat slower firing assault rifle that launches large rounds normally suited for smaller autocannons or heavy machine guns. While its firing mechanisms are somewhat primitive and its recoil understandably heavy, it is quite reliable having been put through quite a bit of abuse. More importantly, the weapon appears to be made of some sort of almost living cuticle-like biomatter - parts of its body shift and twitch, stretching out or contracting, allowing him to easily add and move attachments across its body as well as to lengthen or shorten its shape to a slight degree. It can fire automatic, semi-automatic, or with three round bursts. Some of the modifications he's made are a slot for “batteries” that allow for the firing of energy-jacketed rounds, a specialized “spider eye” scope meant to be used with multiple eyes, a slot for adding in foreign computer devices, and a clasper-segment he claims he plans to attach “gun-organisms” to.

Wrathprayer Encoded Armament System

According to Ztreviek, his people are able to “encode” weapons into their bodies assuming they're sufficiently prepared. When he left, he had given up some of these but kept one. These weapons are comprised of a mixture of synthetic and organic parts (including the organisms that frequently function as their munitions) that when “evoked” by a mixture of neural signals and specialized internal processes assemble the various components at a formation point, disassembling them if need be. The wrayprayer in particular resembles a quartet of tubes resembling very stiff, dried our hercules beetle grubs connected to a series of complex internal components and with holes where faces should be while the “legs” are used to stabilize the weapon against his two primary arms. Said barrels are shrouded by a square-shaped shroud that keeps them held in place. They a bio-electrical propulsion system to launch clusters of small spikes rapidly at short ranges though they can be fired more with higher force and range in a shotgun like spread pattern albeit with less accuracy and a considerably slower rate of fire. He needs to “reload” them by converting some specialized biomass, sustained by his diet though he can inject certain substances to accelerate their growth to a degree or even “directly” load pre-made rounds though this is somewhat awkward to do due to the complexity of the process.

Trial of Denial

“You would be surprised how useless a firearm can become when the enemy has the jump on you.” That's the explanation Ztreviek usually gives as to why he carries a quartet of combat batons with him. He wields one in each hand and currently knows how to simultaneously use four of them. The batons themselves are simple in design; 15.5 inches long with a grooved handle and band-reinforced head with a curved tip, containing an impact resonator allowing them to send an additional wave of concussive force into a target when they hit. However, they also have retractable blades roughly nine additional inches and made of a reinforced mineral-reinforced material, allowing them to achieve gruesome wounds up close. However, the concussion emitters cannot be used when the knives are out. Instead, the knives can use an encoded molecular reshaping procedure to turn into a curved sickle like form to allow for differing combat techniques.

Launcher System

Rather than throwing grenades, Ztreviek's armour contains a launcher system encoded into the armour rather than his body. Located on either of his shoulder, this simple and innocuous swivelling barrel almost looks like a small rotted log protruding from his body with a hollowed out mouth. However it can launch grenades a great distance and when combined with his targeting computers, a great deal of accuracy. He has to load the grenades through a special suction tube and often uses his arms to do so though sometimes he pre-loads it though this creates the problem of there being volatile explosives packed into one particular part of his body.

Hexul Fragment

Of every unique item he owns, this one is by and far the most perplexing. When fully manifested, it resembles a beach-ball sized clump of dark rotted red brown biomatter made of decaying arthropod limbs interspersed with old cybernetics embedded in the decaying mass. It has an unpleasant odour and a strange effect around others, able to emanate some sort of psychic whispers in a wordless language of some sort. It has a “soothing” effect on his dreams. He has not told anyone else about this but this strange clump is in reality another living thing (or rather, a fragment of one) and it contains some sort of advanced signal system within it. It helps him to send communications further and more securely as well as helping to regulate his magical capabilities.

Though he is not what we would normally call religious, Ztreviek nonetheless volunteered to be initiated into the realms of the occult. In particular, the manipulation of a gigantic cloud of cybernetically integrated supernatural flesh in perpetual rot and which ever since their awakening was their protector and hidden leader. In spite of its revoltingly organic appearance, the Hexul in truth was every bit as immanent as it was otherworldly. The mastery of manipulating it for one's own ends involved not knowledge of incantations and spells but the idea of “as beyond, so within” - disconnecting the consciousness from the sensory physical experience and subsequently annihilating it in the bowls of endlessness deep inside of the Hexul. This profane transcendence opened combined with extensive reworking to his own biology opened the gateway for the “full” infestation of the so called Rotting Dimension into his own body. A fragment of it exists within him as the observer and regulator of his abilities and the proof of his unity with their godlike benefactor.

Ztreviek's magic is willed into being and its cost is paid in psycho-ethereal processing power regulated by a specialized system of organs, nerves, glands, and even organisms placed within his body. Excessive use can cause acid-like burning to this system and typically the hexul fragment will ensure this doesn't happen or at least attempt to. In emergencies, he can override it but the resulting effects can be severely damaging to the extent they can black him out and eat at him literally from within, requiring medical attention and sustained regenerative therapy to heal from. In practice, his supernatural arts essentially manipulate the bio-ethereal matter of the gigantic fleshy cloud in a number of grotesque and unpleasant ways. As long as it is within a 100 foot radius of himself, he can cause Hexul biomatter to materialize in an area. The more biomatter involved, the higher the cost and the speed of the specific forms it takes are not often instantaneous especially for larger spells. All of them create a magical signature when used though how obvious it is can depend on how much energy he's pouring into it. The system placed within him is still experimental, being a model that they hope to give to more infantry. While it does recover fairly quickly, how much it can allow him to cast at once is fairly limited and the cooling-down time only rises with higher power spells requiring much more precision when used.

His current spells are the following:

Abomination Paroxysm

A targeted area within the effective radius erupts like a popped pus sore before a horrific array of limbs, mandibles, stingers, and other grotesque half-metal half-arthropod appendages made of the Hexul storm out and slash, stab, grasp, sting, and otherwise mangle anything within a small targeted area. They do not envenom targets and will struggle with heavier armour but can still disrupt and soften up targets for further assaults. After a short duration the hyper-metabolism sustaining them causes them to ignite and burn out before the tear they erupted from closes up.

Impure Blessing

From nothingness emerges a swarm of decaying winged bio-ethereal matter connected to clumps of smoking electronics. This cloud acts like a smoke grenade yet it resists forces such as winds and blast waves far better as well as being able to be moved around at his command until it fades away in a few seconds. It can be used to harass enemies albeit with no real lethality as well as to enshroud him and his allies. It is however vulnerable to high heat such as with incendiary and plasma weaponry. When the spell ends, all its mass turns to a smaller cloud of dust.

Mire of Revulsion

Ztreviek materializes a bulbous silk-like sphere and launches it at a targeted area. It bursts into sticky spider web like threads that ensnare targets, hampering their mobility and limb movement. Out of it emerge as well centipede like creatures that additionally coil and bite at free moving body parts. The silky ethereal substance is tough but stronger and enhanced targets will not be slowed much and it can be both cut and burnt fairly easily.

Scourge Evocation

Four raccoon sized beetle-like creatures burrow through realspace and rapidly move towards where Ztreviek commands. If they are to move beyond the 100 foot radius he can embed a command into them to have them home in on a specific target or area. Upon encountering hostiles, they will latch onto them, attempting to tear into flesh or vital components before their internal chemo-magical stores react and explode for light damage. However they can knock enemies off balance and have a secondary effect of coating them in volatile semi-magical fire that burns for a few seconds and reacts violently with smaller detonations to subsequent magical or energy based weapon contact. These beetles are not very durable and if Ztreviek is stunned or disrupted he can lose control of them unless he sets them out on a specific command to fulfill without his active control of them.

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