New Members Guide

Welcome to Shattered Universe! This guide will hopefully contain all the information you need, to reliably integrate into our community! What questions and concerns this guide, no matter how well written, will leave you, can be easily answered by various members of our community! We promise we don't bite! Unless you ask… Then I suppose you will see!

Anyway, you have found our site, and you probably consider yourself a creative individual. Both of these are good. We are always looking for creative individuals, and that does not even necessarily mean you need to be a roleplayer! Visual Artists, Musical Artists, Authors, you name it, we are more than happy to have you!

You see, we don't exactly consider ourselves a “Roleplay Site” and stick to the idea that you have to roleplay. Instead, we are a creative community, that directs our creative energies towards a specific setting that gives us a set of rules and a foundation for our creative works. By being a part of our setting, the content within is yours to use for whichever story you wish to tell. Where there is a will, there is a way, and we are more than happy to help you find that way!

However, Roleplay is a foundational staple to our site, and that is what this guide will be about. You, the new, potential player to our community, getting within the thick of the website as quickly as possible, with as much knowledge as we can bestow on you to make the transition as seamless as it can be.

Where to Start

This is a big question. We would first suggest that you join us on our Discord so that you can get to know the players that you will be playing with right away. Often times, talking with them can be far more enlightening than reading a guide. However, for those of you who want to read up on the lore, before diving on in, then there are a few places we would suggest you start.

Specifically, we would suggest you look at the Nations and Organizations page. From here, you will see the primary governments that our website uses. This page is ever changing, with new faction rising, and even factions falling, so you never know what can happen. This will provide you hours of reading if you so choose, where you can get an in-depth and intimate look at each of the factions that our site has to offer.

If you would prefer to take a look at where you can get right into the action, you can start in the Story Arcs area of our Wiki. This contains all the plots that are currently active, and are potentially looking for players. Each plot will have a general synopsis of the story they are trying to tell, as well as a dedicated page with further information that may go to further interest you. Starting here is beneficial for those who want right into the action, as it will provide you with a more cut and clear path, as each plot will have what faction it's under, and what type of characters they are looking to fill. Don't see a character type that interests you, but the plot itself is one you think you could bring something to the table for, then feel free to message the Plot Manager who will be more than happy to hear your ideas, if they are accepting new characters to the story that is!

Finally, if you already have a vague idea of what kind of character you want to make, in regards to species, then look no further for the start of your journey than the Species page. Here, you will find our entire list of approved and canon species, both playable and non-playable, for your perusal. Don't let the term “Non-Playable” catch you into thinking you are not allowed to play them, it just means they are not typically played. We would advise you speak with members of the community who are either the species authors or, if said person is not available, whoever the community points you towards to obtain the answers to your questions. On some rare occasions, species will be listed as specifically not playable, due to reasons that will likely be elaborated on in the species page.

How to Make a new Character

Once you get a feel for the setting and are ready to get down to creating a roleplay character, please check out the next page of the guide: Character Creation Guide.

Getting Art for your character

You can contact an artist for a commission, draw it yourself, take a look at our Adoptable Art gallery or request artwork in the forum. We recommend checking for artists that are currently accepting commissions. We have several that we regularly work with an recommend:

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