Echoni E-4 Operations Manual V3018.81

-Echoni Special Operations Bio-Weapon Unit, Model 4-

Interface, Maintenance and Customisation Manual

Manufactured by Sylphian Biomechanical Industries,
Concourse Alpha Sector Blue #115 (Planet Hawking)

Date of Issue; February 6th, Year 3018 GSC

-This manual is to be distributed ONLY to SEER personnel with an authorisation level of RED or GREATER. Viewing or copying this document without authorisation, or allowing the information within to be distributed to other non-authorised civilians or organisations, is a matter of planet Hawking national security and will be met with LETHAL FORCE.-

-Authorising a newly manufactured unit for field duty? Please use the Echoni Unit Registration Template!-

Example Unit; 515 "Tsuguka"

1.1: Foreword

The E-4 is a series of mass production organic weapons, fabricated for use in association with the Hawking Military Special Operations Division, as well as research by Project SEER themselves into the effects of Exophages and other alien bioweapon systems.

If you have been assigned one as an operative or test subject, or are an independently operating model yourself, please take a moment to read this manual to avoid undue damage to persons and property!

1.2: Default Configuration

The general appearance of the E-4, commonly known as an 'Echoni Unit', is that of a lithe but muscular human female, though numerous experimental mutations and defects may alter this. There is intentionally a vast diversity in design, in order to maximise adaptability and experimental design evolution.

Common xeno-biological alterations include pointed ears, horns, and animalistic tails; Though first and foremost, all posses the sphere-like Exophage Colony Organ mounted upon their solar plexus. Skin colouration is typically human-standard, but can also range from a pale ivory to dark grey, or sometimes dark red to stone-blue. Cyborgisations are not strictly necessary, but very commonly utilised in order to improve the operation of the unit (See the cyborgisations section.)

An identification barcode is mounted on the back of the neck for organisation purposes, and the unit may be gifted with geometric facial markings if it possesses powers that require special containment procedures or corporate oversight. Please do not deface or remove this material, as keeping track of active units prevents enemy factions from reverse engineering the technology. Units known to have issues with aggressive tendencies or unpredictable behaviour may also have additional markings added to advertise this fact.

All of this comes with the addendum that all units are effectively experimental, and there may me many additional quirks in the design (See the mutations section).

1.3: Intelligence Configuration

The E-4 was designed to be a loyal and stalwart clone-based weapon system first and foremost. From the date of it's fabrication, every unit is implanted with artificial memories of training, and thus it should have no issues forming adult conversation, applying advanced mathematics, or even operating firearms with a minimal degree of oversight.

However, there is currently believed to be a bug in the memory formation process, with subjects impossibly remembering certain small fragments from the lives of the cloned original. This undesirable result is believed to be a side-effect of the Exophage microbes in their systems, and it is the recommendation of SEER administration that such effects should be suppressed, both to alleviate the stress levels of the unit, and to maximize the performance of their duties.

-If the unit experiences excessive flashbacks or mental instability, please report them for recall back to the SEER MANUFACTURING AND MAINTENANCE FACILITY in CONCOURSE ALPHA. The unit will undergo mental realignment and gene therapy to return it to factory specifications.-

1.4 Performance Statistics

Echoni E-4 Standard Uniform

(Based on default equipment setup without add-ons.)
Maximum Running Speed: 42.2 mph
Maximum Jump Height: 21 feet
Maximum Ground Carry Load: 320 lb.
Operating Temperature Limits: 18 °C to 65 °C
Normal Internal Temperature: 36.5 °C to 37.5 °C
G-Force Limitations: 24g
Maximum Submerging Depth: 280 meters of water in 1G.




1.5: Development History

Sylphian Biomechanics Industries was founded in 2950 GSC on Planet Eden, an independent producer of niche power solutions such as solar powered organic batteries. Their self-replicating and low maintenance technology soon led to them becoming a staple of cheap consumer goods in several of the surrounding systems.

It was not until 2988 GSC that they expanded onto Planet Hawking, where the situation with the increasingly aggressive alien Grawla was getting out of hand. The government there offered a contract to any independent companies who could support their forces in an affordable manner. Spotting the potential to examine some interesting ancient alien technology, Sylphian jumped at the chance.

What they discovered buried in those forbidden ruins was several orders of magnitude more important than they expected.

Exophages, tiny microscopic and extra-dimensional bacteria, infested the corpses of ancient bio-weapons the Grawla had once nuked their own planet to repress. Moreover, this invisible power source was apparently found in varying quantities throughout all living things in the entire sector.

Slyphian used this knowledge to found an official bio-weapons branch on Hawking, known as S.E.E.R. (Sylphian Exotic Elements Research), cementing it's headquarters in a place called Concourse Alpha.

The first official products of the Echoni series were more primitive biomechanical forms, stopgaps to keep the Grawla at bay whilst the exact properties of the nigh-magical Exophages, and their relation to other alien races, could be developed upon with more finesse. The development of the Echoni E-4 took until 3010 GSC, now a clone/cyborg weapon system that includes a classified mixture of both human and alien DNA.

Active development continues, with the difficult raising and education of such powerful (and experimental) creatures remaining a major problem in raising an army of significant numbers. Their effect on the battlefield has indeed been positive, but S.E.E.R.'s method of getting there hasn't exactly gone without raised eyebrows in the rather more traditional-minded Interstellar Alliance Foreign Legion forces, either…

2.1: Basic Attributes (Name, Age and Gender)

The name can be almost anything, from a simple nickname or rank title, to an actual given name gifted by a specific factory worker, tutor or friend. Being artificial beings, sometimes they simply choose to pick a name for themselves. Others may even prefer to just be called by their model number, holding disdain for the idea that they should hide being what they are.

Their physical age, on the other hand, is almost totally irrelevant. They are all fabricated to immediately look like adults, even though the first models were only produced ten years ago.

E-4 units are typically female in appearance due to a preference for less independent genetics, through they are sterile and cannot produce offspring as a biological corruption safety measure. Males actually do exist, but outwardly look quite feminine regardless.

The body general type of 'lean' is universal due to the necessities of combat utility, but some might be more bulky or muscular than others. They are organic and can gain and loose weight, just like any other creature.

2.2: Personality Type

In order to best categorise and stabilise individual Echoni units, their personality is best defined as one of the following types;

Stable Unstable
TYPE A Friendly Overly Possessive
TYPE B Cautious Paranoid
TYPE C Logical Cold
TYPE D Spacey Overly Delusional
TYPE E Aggressive Sadistic
TYPE F Tactical Powerless

2.3: Psychology Rating

At the start of an Echoni unit's commission, it is recommended that you observe their memory fragments carefully. They are not supposed to retain human thoughts or data, but it is apparently an irreparable defect of their design. Units under great stress or hardship may experience mental deterioration.

(Every unit starts at a grade of A+. The mission administrator will inform you if the unit has acquired any psychology damage and lowered it's grade. If it reaches grade F, their personality type will become unstable.)

In order to keep one's Psychology grade in check, nothing is better for the unit than simply talking and interacting with other Echoni units in the same situation.

2.4: Corruption Rating

Echoni units are experimental and physiologically unstable, part alien-derived biotechnology which is not entirely understood. Every time they use Aberrant Powers, or are exposed to outside sources of Exo-Phage corruption, they are at risk of randomly developing extra mutations.

(Every unit starts at a grade of A+. The mission administrator will inform you if the unit has acquired any corruption damage and lowered it's grade. If it reaches grade F, they will spontaneously record a new bodily mutation!)

In order to keep one's corruption level in check, constant medication and maintenance is necessary.

2.5: Unit Sub-Class

The closest thing these units have to a rank or position. It organises them based on power v.s. potential contamination risks.

—E-4-1 “MID-DEVIL”—

A standard, physically and psychologically stable unit without any glaring defects. (It has no more than three customisation points upon creation. However, if it has any of these customisation points 'left over', it can spend them on extra skills instead.)

—E-4-2 “HIGH-DEVIL”—

A unit gifted with extra powers, but also more genetic instability. It likely has facial markings to separate it from others. (It has access to five customisation points upon creation, but will be easily visible and perhaps distrusted by others.)

—E-4-3 “LOW-DEVIL”—

The unit is defective, with highly unstable powers that immediately and uncontrollably mutate it's flesh. The powers have been locked away, and large quantities of cyborgisations attached to replace appendages distorted beyond use.

(It has seven customisation points upon creation, but cannot use Aberrant Powers.)


These units have suffered a catastrophic mental and physical meltdown in the field of duty. All public data regarding to the unit is to be reformatted, and the unit itself is to be sealed away within a secure containment facility for future study. Personal interactions require a security clearance of BLUE or GREATER.

(These units should not ideally be used for field duty. If a unit gains more than seven mutations, it will modify it's classification to this one.)

2.6: Unit Known Skills

Every unit comes with four pre-programmed skills to perform their duties, taken from the list below;

Hand-To-Hand Combat
Melee Combat (Blades)
Melee Combat (Blunt)
Melee Combat (Wire Weapons)
Ranged Combat (Pistols)
Ranged Combat (Rifles)
Ranged Combat (Heavy Weapons)
Weapon Maintenance
Drone Operation
Robotics / Cyborgisation Maintenance
Land Vehicle Operation
Air Vehicle Operation
Vehicle Maintenance
Acting & Subterfuge
Battlefield Strategy
Aberrant Power Focus

Note that a unit actually can still attempt a task in a skill that it does not have, but the success rate will be 50/50 at best. As the unit gains experience, they may learn additional skills of their choice; Even doubling or tripling up on a skill they already know to increase their success rate.

2.7: Clothes & Armour

Echoni E-4s tend to operate in small makeshift units, and are allowed personal clothes in their spare time. There are still official uniforms for them to chose from, however, including several advanced combat armour systems designed to push their abilities to the limits;

Item Notes
Standard Issue E-4 Uniform Contains kevlar panels and a built-in radio headset.
Dress E-4 Uniform A formal bio-plastic uniform with a hat, collared shirt and a skirt.
Reactive Polymer Bodysuit A skin-tight bodysuit that changes colour for a chameleonic effect.
Heavy Assault Armour A version of the standard uniform with larger pauldrons and a more robust vest.
Exophage Transmission Sheath A skin-tight bodysuit that transmits Abberant Powers more effectively.
Standard Issue E-4 Voidsuit It's a space suit, twelve hour air supply. Also helpful against chemical gas attacks.
Anti-Grav Vernier Suit A lightly armoured suit with anti-grav wings. Allows personal flight up to 40 MPH.
Direct Oxygenation Suit A form-fitting wetsuit that supplies oxygen directly to the blood. Air supply lasts 30 minutes.

2.8: Unit Equipment

The unit may pick up to four of the following items upon their assignment to field duty;

Item Notes
Hand-To-Hand Weapons
Explosive-Capped Gauntlet Needs reloading with a free hand.
Bladed Weapons
Combat Knife
Combat Machete
Zweihander Large, two handed sword.
Superheated Cleaver A rectangular blade that is electronically superheated to cut through sheer metal.
Plasma Torch An over-sized blowtorch, retooled for melee use. Powerful, but prone to dangerous mistakes.
Power Drill Industrial drill for punching through armour.
Chainsaw Industrial chainsaw retooled for anti-infantry use.
Power Shears A clumsy industrial grasping/crushing tool. Powerful but hard to use.
Tomahawk Small throwing axe with a magnetic grip. Good for small spaces.
Giant Boomerang Specialised throwing blade with a magnetic grip. Large blade, but cumbersome to use indoors.
Blunt Weapons
Nightstick It's a metal Tonfa.
Nunchaku Two metal bars with a chain in the middle. Requires skill, but difficult to block.
Combat Hammer Reinforced metal war hammer.
Anti-Personnel Sledge Basically a huge, angular lump of metal on a stick. Extremely heavy and used to outright crush foes.
Jack Hammer Heavy pneumatic chisel. Rapidly hammers angular tip to drill straight through solid objects.
Wire Weapons
Razorwire Subtle weapon with a blade only a few molecules thick. Needs skill, but can be used to slash or garrote.
Barbed Flail A metal whip, built from sharp chains not unlike spearheads. Difficult to use, but inflicts hideous slashing damage.
Molecular Net A version of Razorwire formed into a deadly net. Highly incapacitating, and deadly when thrown at an unarmoured enemy.
Silenced Pistol Holds 10 rounds, needs a free hand to reload. Stealthy.
G16 Machine Pistol Holds 23 rounds, top loading, machine pistol, somewhat clunky
Heavy Revolver Holds 6 rounds, needs a free hand to reload. Anti-personnel.
SMG Holds 32 rounds, needs a free hand to reload. Anti-personnel.
G16 SMG Holds 42 rounds, lightweight, lots of ammo types.
Laser Pistol Holds 6 charges, needs a free hand to reload. Tends to make things catch fire.
Battle Rifle Holds 20 rounds, two handed. High stopping power, but low rate of fire.
G16 Rifle Holds 84 rounds, lightweight, lots of ammo types.
G16 LMG Holds 300 rounds, lightweight, lots of ammo types.
Riot Gun Holds 20 rounds, two handed. High anti-infantry power, but staggered rate of fire.
Assault Rifle Holds 30 rounds, two handed. A balanced weapon with alternate fire modes.
Scoped Rifle Holds 20 rounds, two handed. Very accurate at long ranges.
Harpoon Rifle Single fire, two handed. Magnetic launch system gives it incredible stopping power.
Laser Rifle Holds 20 charges, two handed. Low kinetic power, but sets target on fire.
Heavy Weapons
Grenade Launcher Holds 6 rounds, two handed. See grenade types below for options.
Anti-Tank Gun Holds 6 rounds, two handed. Long barreled weapon with high armour penetration power.
G16 Rail-LMG Holds 300 rounds, high velocity weapon with lots of ammo types.
Heavy Machinegun Holds 64 rounds, two handed. Very heavy brute force anti-personnel weapon.
Missile Launcher Holds 2 rounds, two handed. Extremely long range, high power projectiles.
Flame Thrower Holds thirty seconds of discharge, two handed. Flammenwerfer, it werfs flammen.
Minigun Holds 96 rounds, two handed. Extremely heavy, ridiculous anti-infantry weapon.
Repeater Laser Cannon Holds 32 charges, two handed. Extremely high rate of fire.
Sonic Cannon Holds thirty seconds of discharge, two handed. Weakens metal through intense vibrations.
EMP Projector Holds sixty seconds of discharge, two handed. Fries unprotected electronic hardware.
Microwave Projector Holds thirty seconds of discharge, two handed. Cooks target from the inside.
G16 Rail-DMR Holds 10 rounds, marksman rifle with lots of ammo types.
Railgun Holds 6 rounds, two handed. Barely portable, but extremely powerful long-range weapon.
Magnetic Bow Single fire, two handed. Basically a bare-bones railgun that is rather dangerous to use.
Fragmentation Grenade Bandoleer of six. Anti-personnel.
Fragmentation Mine Bandoleer of six. Anti-personnel, heat-based proximity sensor.
Smoke Grenade Bandoleer of six. Blocks visual contact.
Chaff Grenade Bandoleer of six. Has an ECM effect on unprotected electronics.
Paralysis Gas Grenade Bandoleer of six. Unprotected target falls over limp for two hours.
Poison Gas Grenade Bandoleer of six. Unprotected target suffers immediate nerve damage.
Incendiary Grenade Bandoleer of six. A fire bomb.
Acid Grenade Bandoleer of six. Contains a special acid that dissolves many metals.
Microwave Grenade Bandoleer of six. Heats up surrounding objects internally.
Anti-Aberration Grenade Bandoleer of six. Has an catastrophic incendiary effect on those with a high Exophage concentration.
Scout Drone A small floating camera drone. Feeds visual data to computer or headset units.
Maintenance Drone A bulky suitcase sized drone that folds out with many tools. Floats slowly, provides standard visual feed.
Gun Drone Small tracked drone, remote controlled with camera feed. Can carry and fire one pistol or rifle weapon.
Utility Items
Portable Computer Terminal A laptop computer. Good for science applications, hacking, or just checking your emails.
Hand Medical-Scanner A small x-ray scanner with a pistol grip. Who needs a stethoscope when you can physically see the heart?
Portable Medical Kit A handy satchel of bandages, painkillers, ointments, disinfectants, and hermetically sealed surgical implements.
Hand Maintenance-Scanner A small oblong electromagnetic visualiser, great for looking inside mechanisms without taking them apart.
Hand Multi-Scanner Useful visualising device that can change between ultrasonic, short-ranged radar, and density calculation modes.
Hand Exo-Scanner Small oblong device creates a visual image of the area's ambient exophage density.
Autobinoculars Adjustable binoculars that has night vision, infra-red and ultra-violet modes.
Automicroscope Portable microscope that can be adjusted to highlight specific DNA codes, pathogens, or other trace materials.
Micro-Tracking Device A tiny radio transmitter the size and shape of a poker chip. Gives off a unique tracking signal.
Back-Mounted Storage Container A huge armoured backpack. Can carry four rifles, or perhaps a very short person inside.
Grappling Hook A twenty foot long lightweight metal cord with a barbed hook at the end. Used to climb sheer faces.
Suction Gripper (Pair) Large handles, with rubber pads that stick to glass. Can be used to climb buildings with many sheer windows.

2.9: Mutations

The unit may have been created with several intentional or unintentional mutations. See the 'Sub-Class' section for their exact amount.

(Standard Mutations)
Elven Ears
Oni Horns
Mono Horn
Animalistic Ears
Animalistic Eyes
Enlarged Fangs
Enlarged Claws
Animalistic Tail (Mammilian)
Animalistic Tail (Reptillian)
Animalistic Tail (Aquatic)
Flexible Joints
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Regeneration
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Exo-Phage Attunement
Miniature Body
Macro Body
Hibernation Adaption (Cold Blood)

(Concerning Abnormalities; Observe and record with care…)
Bony Spines
Poison Spines
Venomous Bite
Extra Arms
Extra Legs
Third Eye
Additional Sensor Nodes
Armoured Scales
Retractable Tentacles
Chameleonic Skin
Aquatic Fins

(Extreme Abnormalities; Report immediately!)
Exo-Floral Growth
Exo-Fungal Growth
Internal Exo-Eyes
Ethereal Flesh
External Skeleton
Animalistic Body Plan
Exo-Vampiric Bite

2.10: Cyborgisations

Example Unit; z_9

The unit may have been fitted with several cyborgisations to increase it's utility. See the 'Sub-Class' section for the exact available amount.

(Discrete upgrades, can be hidden under clothes.)
Retracting Jet Thruster Double the unit's speed with a short plasma burst. Located over the shoulder blades.
Metal Claws
Metal Fangs
Reinforced Skeleton
Retractable Metal Talons Sharp blades that pop out from the hands or feet.
Cyberized Voicebox Allows the user to speak (or sing) in impossible tones.
Cyberized Ears
Integrated Communications System Allows the user to 'hear' radio communication.
Robotic Arm
Robotic Leg
Wire-Guided Rocket Arm
Detachable Exploding Arm
Hotwired Reflexes Doubles user reaction speed.
Electro-Conductive Touch Melee attacks gain an electric shock effect.
Retracting Mouth Weapon The jaw can split open to reveal a small hidden blade or pistol.
Psycho-Repressive Implant Increases resistance to psychology damage, but numbs emotions.
Exo-Repressive Implant Increases resistance to corruption damage, but dulls Abberant Powers.
Direct Cranial Interface Sockets Directly interface brain-to-computer with special devices.
(Highly visible upgrades, cannot be hidden.)
Prehensile Robotic Tail Can hold up to 3KG, or one small pistol/blade.
Multi-Spectral Eye A camera that can see from the infra red into the ultra violet.
Exo-Detective Scanner Eye A camera that can see ambient Exophage levels.
Eye Scope A camera with a zoom function. It also improves accuracy with firearms.
Anti-Grav Vernier Wings Large oblong pods that attach to the shoulder blades. Allows flight at great speeds.
Cyberized Lungs User becomes immune to gas or depressurisation damage, but gains a rather unsettling mechanical voice.
Pneumatic Strength Augmentation The body's entire exterior is reinforced with powerful jacks bolted in place.
Integrated Elbow or Shin Blade A close combat weapon bolted directly in place. User can keep their hands free for other things.
Integrated Firearm A pistol or rifle bolted directly to the forearm or shoulder. Keeps hands free.
Weaponized Limb Replaces entire limb with weapon. Can use the heaviest of armaments 'one handed', but can no longer use that hand for anything else.
Eye Laser A miniature laser pistol integrated directly into the eye socket.
Reinforced Skin Plating Composite materials are woven into the flesh to increase physical defence.
Robotic Tentacle Manipulator Much like the prehensile tail, but they may have many at once. Tends to scare the pants off of people.
Integrated Communications Antenna A metallic antenna 'horn' on the head. Use to communicate digitally, or even jam enemy signals.
Prehensile Cranial Interface Tentacles Much like the cranial sockets (above), but can interface with several devices at once.
Non-Humanoid Mecha-Arm System A robust industrial-grade robot arm, generally mounted with a powerful vice or pincer.
Non-Humanoid Bird Leg System Reverse-joint legs, allows for incredible running speeds and jump heights.
Non-Humanoid Crab Leg System Four, six or eight heavy industrial legs. Greatly increases the max carrying or dragging weight of the user.
Additional Robotic Arm

2.11: Aberrant Powers

The unit may have been created with access to several supernatural Aberrant Powers, either intentionally or unintentionally. See the 'Sub-Class' section for the exact amount they might have available.

(Corruption Risk Level 0)
Resist Psionics
Psionic Communication
Psionic Empathy
Psionic Detection
Energy Blade
Exo-Kinetic Levitation Float or fly up to 30MPH.
(Corruption Risk Level 1)
Object Manipulation Move an object up to 4kg with telekinesis.
Remote Viewing Observe a far-off location. The greater the distance, the greater the risk.
Overdrive Regeneration
Overdrive Strength
Mental Obscuration Try to make others believe they cannot see you.
Temporal Shift Slightly slow down time, from your own perspective.
Temporal Scanning Detect time travelling effects.
Exo-Kinetic Energy Ray
Exo-Kinetic Immolation Heat up object from the inside.
Energy Needle Impossibly sharp, highly focused energy blade.
Wall Of Force Use a form of telekinesis to attempt to deflect enemy projectiles in-flight.
(Corruption Risk Level 2)
Immaterial Transition Phase straight through a wall of 1 ft thickness or less.
Immaterial Talon Phase hand inside enemies' body, ignoring armour.
Extra-Dimensional Teleport Rematerialise in a far-off location. The greater the distance, the greater the risk.
Exo-Kinetic Spacial Collapse Delete a sphere of matter 1ft in radius from existence.
(Corruption Risk Level 3)
Multi Death Sphere Cascade Create a massive pattern of lethal energy spheres.
Omni-Directional Annihilation Vortex Create a rift directly to a dimension of pure energy.
Total Genetic Reconfiguration Entirely re-arrange the creature's current mutations.

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