New Members Guide

Welcome to Shattered Universe! We'll assume you already know what the site is about and that you're interested, so hopefully this guide will have what you need to get the ball rolling.

Getting Started

There are definitely several ways to get started, and the best way is probably hopping onto our Discord - everyone's welcome!

Then again, maybe you already have a character you want to port over? You'll definitely wanna give us a shout over in the discord server. We're 100% a-ok with that, and we'll lend a hand and help out with that one. If not, another place to start is to simply see what Story Arcs or Plots are running. If you like what you're hearing, try contacting the storyteller or game master to see if there's any room, or a window of opportunity to step in through. Just seeing the characters that are already running around could give you an idea for what type of character you would like to have. Then again, you could also simply take a look at what Species are available to play if you're curious about what you can play as. You can be anything from a magic-imbued elf to the genetically engineered √úbermensch. Maybe you're more curious about the setting, and where your character came from? Taking a look at some of the Nations and Organizations could help you get started.

No matter what though, the Character Creation Guide will probably come in handy.

Getting to Know the Setting

Having some sort of idea about technology in general is perhaps a good place to start, but in a nutshell? Old fashioned weapons from the 21st Century like the AK are over one thousand years old and as such are not common nor effective anymore. FTL is a thing, both laser rifles and full body armored suits are the norm for professional forces, and the scientific community had a collective fit when they came into this area of space. Why? Because it turned out Magic and Psionics were a thing. It didn't matter that magic missiles were being thrown around by a bunch of perfect looking, pointy-eared people in a medieval society, or that Tentacled Horrors were bending the fabric of reality. The fact that magic and psionics were even a thing was enough to get most scientists to flip a table.

And that's not even mentioning the politics.

The history in these parts was busy, but right now? The Interstellar Alliance is made up of idealistic humans who immigrated from Earth with the hopes of peacefully exploring and carrying out their prime directive of not interfering with primitive cultures. However, there's an old skeleton in the closet that just happened to escape; The Empire of Tai Pan. A dark relic of humanity's past composed of what they once derogatively called augs, skinjobs, repros or dittos, this former slave trans-humans are not happy to find their old masters in the area. At least some of the locals, namely The Dominion are friendly, but the old, fallen empire of the Gartagen Union isn't happy to see all these young upstarts in its backyard either.

Tensions are high, and a spark in the wrong place can set it all off.

Character Creation and Plot Finding

Once you're familiar with the basics, go ahead and make your own character. Or, better yet, find which plot or story you're most interested in and make them for it. Finding the right one for you is important, so take your time to read over the post, as well as talk to the GM/storyteller running it and the players. It's not all about the plot, but also the friends you'll make on the way.

Planetary War in the Shattered Universe

Shattered Universe is set one thousand years in the future. Technology has grown and changed over the centuries and as a result, so has warfare. The light infantry style of war during modern age earth, along with out of sight combat have become obsolete in the face of better materials, more powerful weapons, and more sophisticated defensive technologies. Overall, weapons are more powerful, and revolves around mobility and concealment rather than hard cover.

See: A Treatise On Ground War in the 30th Century

Getting Art for your character

You can contact an artist for a commission, draw it yourself, take a look at our Adoptable Art gallery or request artwork in the forum. We recommend checking for artists that are currently accepting commissions. We have several that we regularly work with an recommend:

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