A series of 4 conflicts that erupted between the Tatya hini warrior castes of Liang against the Empire of Tai Pan.

1st War

2979 GSC - 2983 GSC

2nd War

2984 GSC - 2989 GSC: The Interstellar Alliance withdraws its support of the Rebellion and evacuates its citizens under a ceasefire agreement with Empire of Tai Pan. Any remaining Alliance citizens give up their citizenship and become citizens of Tai Pan. Others continue to fight.

3rd War

2996 GSC - 2998 GSC: The 3rd War of Secession begins with former Alliance citizens allying with the Elven government against the Tai Pan. The 3rd War of Secession ends. The Elven government agrees to withdraw into gated cities and become isolationists, signing an agreement of surrender to Tai Pan and vow to never take up arms again.

  • Major Event: The tatya hini council withdraws its support of the rebellion and agrees to the Empire of Tai Pan's terms. The tatya hini are forced into walled cities and turn over all weaponry and armor to the Empire of Tai Pan. All within the city are registered with Tai Pan and are tracked.

4th War

2999 GSC: An insurgent group of Elves and humans make a final effort to Secede from Tai Pan and fail. The 4th and final war of Secession ends with the televised public execution of the insurgent leaders.

  • Major event: Assassination of General Chiharu Natsumi at a cease fire talk with the tatya hini council.
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