Weapons of Shattered Universe

The Shattered Universe is a setting that is fraught with peril and opportunities for adventure. The setting features a diverse assortment of nation-states, many of which maintain standing armies in order to defend their respective domains against danger from foreign invades, to project power across the sector, and to conquer or subdue weaker nations. For these reasons and more, it is essential for any individual who expects combat by virtue of their profession or activities to carry some sort of weapon or instrument of destruction at hand.

This article will explore and detail the types of handheld weapons that are generally available in the Shattered Universe. It will cover weapons as mundane as gas-operated projectile firearms to weapons as exotic as magically amplified bows or swords. Because of the abundance of personal energy shields, “archaic” weapons such as swords, spears, and various melee implements are commonly utilized alongside conventional guns in primary, secondary, and tertiary roles.

The following section will describe melee weapons that are common in the Shattered Universe. Many melee weapons incorporate a mix of modern and archaic design elements, such as power field sheathed blades, blades composed solely of ionized plasma, retractable blades, self-repairing blades, vibroblades, and monomolecular blades. The purpose of these modifications is to modernize ancient designs, allowing them to cut through FTL-age armor materials and to minimize the effectiveness of personnel-grade energy shields.

Unique Magical Items

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General Technology Guide

Melee Weapons
War Hammers and Maces

Archaic Ranged Weapons
Throwing Knives

Modern Ranged Weapons
Magnetic Accelerator Guns
Plasma Guns
Laser Guns

Arcane Weaponry Magically Charged Guns and Firearms

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