A 6 ft long zweihander with a double edged, ebony blade that collapses down into its hilt. The hilt is black with golden accents and features a golden, ruby eyed wyvern with its wings spread at the crossguard. The mechanism that collapses/deploys the blade is the center gemstone on the grip beneath the gemstone of the wyvern's tail which needs to be depressed without pressure applied to the other 3 stones. This is a unique magical weapon is an heirloom of the Verfa (Bloodtree) clan and is currently wielded by Lukina Aleksasha Bloodtree.

The Glitzernades Zweihander was commissioned by Liang (Tai Pan) Tatya hini, Orndacil Verfa and forged by a Gartagen artisan weaponsmith in 2800 GSC. Orndacil claimed he was guided by a vision of a coming darkness and sought a blade that could pierce through it, providing two ruby pieces of Heartstone to be incorporated into the design to power the magical effects. The smith worked on the piece for almost a year before it was completed and presented to Orndacil.

The sword was passed down through the Verfa family for generations before it lost sometime after the Second war of Secession in 2900 GSC where it was rumored to have spilled Taianese blood.

The Verfa family searched for the sword with no success and gave up after 50 years of searching. Aleksasha Whitemeadow was raised on the stories of the Glittering Zweihander but thought they were just stories until 2984 GSC. Aleksasha was on a mission with her mercenary group deep in the mountains when they came upon a treasure trove of weapons, and artifacts. She found a strange sword hilt encased in stoneā€¦.

This unique weapon allows the wielder to be immune to cold after attuning to the blade for a week and when activated turns into a blade of light that illuminates a dark area for 20 ft and ignores non-living matter. It can pass through armor and objects without harming it, making it ineffective against undead, constructs and objects when activated but incredibly effective against personnel in armor power armor. The Jordian Maraium forged anti-magic armor and weaponry can negate the effects of the activated sword and armor with living biological mesh can also stop the sword from completely harming the person inside the armor.

  • Magical effect Counters: Anti-magic fields negate; Maraium armor negates magical effects; Gartagen armor/other types of bio-armor can slow the sword
  • Regular Counters: It is a giant sword. It'll be stopped or slowed by regular armor as normal. It also requires a large amount of space to properly deploy/swing and is not conducive for indoor use or use in small corridors with other people around.
Art by Rofeal, commissioned for Kim
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