"Hold Point" Starship System

By creating a large array of graviton beams on the underside of a starship, the vessel is able to remain aloft by distributing its weight widely across the ground below it using almost-invisible beams of physicist-destroying supports. These beams individually only take a fraction of the starships weight, personnel walking through them will barely notice the additional mass. However, by manipulating and moving these beams the starship is able to gain both propulsion, and a weapon.

With the ability to aim and refocus these beams, it's possible of the starship to “step” over the ground by manipulating these beams, providing locomotion without firing the main engines. Optimum speeds for minimum energy are achieved with limited engine firing, either of low thrust main engines, or using secondary thrusters.

By focusing multiple Hold Point beams onto a target area, the pressure from additional mass can be highly destructive to any ground surface or any one/thing situated atop of such as the additional mass crushes it. Essentially allowing the starship to crush anything in the target area by shifting its own mass on the ground.

Starships using this system are able to “hover” indefinitely above any surface capable of supporting moderate weight including water.

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