The Sheshka is an ancient single-edged blade used by the Gartagen.

Forward curved edge is a trademark of the ubiquitous and symbolic Gartagen Sheshka.

The Gartagens as a species has used handheld bladed melee weapons for untold centuries since they became a sentient race. The Sheshka, in particular, is one such bladed hand-held weapon. The first true version of the Sheshka is estimated to be over two thousand years old and is forged from bronze. This particular sword was a weapon before its time and enabled gave the Pygrins an edge over all the other ethnic divisions during ancient times. Its design was eventually copied and put into use by armies all over Gartaga, making it one of the most iconic and prolific weapons the Gartagens use. The materials and techniques used to produce the Sheshka have changed. The introduction of advanced alloys, and techniques have made the Sheshka able to be a contender against modern armors. Today it is still seen in common use by the Rapid Reaction Force, Gartagen Union Solar Navy, and Gartagen Union Army.

The Gartagens are a pragmatic people when it comes to warfare, so the Sheshka is seen in a simple sheath on the hips and backs of almost every soldier of the Gartagen Union. However, while the Sheshka is standard issue, it is treated in much the same way as a combat knife is issued out to other races. In combat, the Gartagens will use their rifles and other ranged weapons to full effect, but if pressed into melee combat, they will not hesitate to yank out their Sheshka and engage the enemy in CQC. The Sheshka is also often attached to Exo-suits, as a small dagger-like weapon in terms of Mecha combat, again as a last resort weapon.

Today the Sheshka is produced in large quantities. The Military issue is typically having the blade of the sword constructed of the bronze variant of kal_suun, with the hilt being constructed of a stress-resistant composite material. The blade is typically mono-molecular giving allowing the weapon to slice through the most resilient armors with ease. The weapon also sports a Molecular Knit that serves to increase the durability of the weapon, making it much harder to break or destroy in melee combat.

It should be noted that the Gartagen Union Operatives use a Sheska as well, though their swords are rumored to be constructed of Sarquahi. Using Sarquahi makes the weapon nearly double in cost to the kal_suun variant, but it also makes the weapon virtually indestructible. It is rumored that Operatives are best swordsmen the Gartagen have ever seen. Unfortunately few have ever seen the Operatives draw their blades and lived to tell of it.

  • Purpose: Anti-Personnel
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-Mecha
  • Weight: 4 lbs (6 LBS if made Sarquahi)
  • Blade Length: 70cm
  • Blade Width: 5 cm (Excluding edge)
  • Blade Edge: Mono-molecular
  • Blade Metal: kal_suun (bronze) or Sarquahi
  • Reinforcing: Molecular Knit
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