Frontier class Super Long Range Colony Ship

The Frontier class Super Long Range Colony Ship is a class of large colony vessel developed and constructed by the United Earth Space Navy in the late 2360's. These massive vessels were designed to carry thousands of colonists and everything needed to establish an entire colony settlement on another world far from the Earth. The first ship in the class, UESS Frontier, was completed with a standard hyperspace drive that allowed the ship to traverse space safely at moderate faster than light speeds. The second ship, UESS Pioneer was modified near the end of her construction, replacing the hyperspace drive with a new long range Space Fold Drive, which would allow the Pioneer to instantly trans-locate to a distant point of space at the expense of massive amounts of energy. As of the departure of the UESS Pioneer from Earth space dock, the following vessels in the class, Discovery and Leonov, were also being completed with fold drives as well.

Class: Frontier
Type: Colony Ship
Operator: United Earth, Interstellar Alliance, Empire of Tai Pan
Manufacturer: United Earth
Production: 4 ships at time of Pioneer departure
Active: 1 (Pioneer)
Ordinary: n/a
Building: 0
Planned: 0
Lost: n/a
Retired: n/a
Scrapped: 1 (Voyager)
Introduced: 2368

Crew: 46,828
Colonists: 5 million

Length: 23,400 feet, (8046.7 meter)
Width: feet, ( meter)
Height: feet, ( meter)
Displacement: tons
Decks: lots

Powerplant: 8 toroidal fusion reactors
Sublight Drive: 14 VASIMR type drive engines
FTL Drive:

  • 1 Space Fold Drive (Pioneer only)
  • 1 Hyperspace Driver

Armor: 48 inch composite armor plating
Shields: 10 Deflector shield generators

Energy Weapons: 12 Point defense laser cannons
Projectile Weapons: none

  • 400 assorted support craft
  • 36 aerospace fighters
  • 4 Scout Frigates
  • UESS Frontier (2368) *status: unknown
  • UESS Pioneer (2374) *status: museum ship over IA capital world
  • UESS Voyager (2424) *status: scrapped
  • UESS Discovery *status: unknown


Development of the Frontier class Super Long Range Colony Ship began in the mid 2320's as a solution to the need for a large long range colony ship for mass transport and deployment of colonists to planned colony worlds far from the Earth. Previous classes of colony vessels were considerably smaller and slower, many relying on long low speed FTL trips and cryogenic stasis to complete their journeys. These smaller ships also required separate automated supply vessels to be sent ahead with a bulk of the supplies needed for establishment of the new colony. The initial requirement for the new Frontier class, was a vessel able to carry everything needed to establish a new colony in one ship.

The first ship of the class, the future UESS Frontier, began construction in 2347 and was soon followed by Pioneer in 2353. Due to the massive scale of these vessels, they had to be built in space away from the pull of Earth's gravity. Due also to their need for massive amounts of raw materiel, these ships were constructed in the asteroid belt. The third and fourth ships would be funded and begin construction in the 2360's after Frontier had completed major construction and begun operational testing.

UESS Frontier was commissioned on March the 3rd, 2368 and conducted an inaugural tour around the close range United Earth colony worlds as supplies and colonists were gathered at Earth. With a colony world long ago scouted out and selected for the Frontier, the ship began loading operations in 2369 in high orbit over Earth and departed with her colonists in hypersleep for what would still be a five year FTL trip to the world selected for her to colonize. The Frontier departed from Earth on June 7th 2370, her mission to deliver colonists and supplied to their new world, then return to Earth for refit and reload for a future planned expedition.

In 2372, the decision was made to include a new and still relatively experimental Space Fold Drive, that could propel a ship almost instantaneously between two points, which would allow the vessel to reach it's colony destination, unload, establish the new colony and return home, in a matter of months, rather than decades. The nearly completed UESS Pioneer, as well as the partially constructed Voyager and Discovery were delayed in completion as the new fold drive was integrated into the design. This saw the Pioneer completed in 2375, at which time it began testing the new fold drive in a series of jumps, culminating with a jump to rendezvous with her sister, Frontier, in 2376 and bring additional supplies to her newly established colony world.

By early 2377 the Pioneer had returned to earth and was refitting and beginning to take on supplies for her own colony mission. What was not known, at the time, is that during this refitting time, members of an extremist group who believed the Human race had spread too far from the Earth, had infiltrated the dockyard staff working on Pioneer and sabotaged her FTL drive core and long range FTL navigational systems in an attempt to destroy the ship and force the United Earth government to stop sending humans away from the cradle of Earth.

UESS Pioneer departed for her mission on August 6 2378 with 5 million colonists aboard in hypersleep. Upon clearing the outer bounds of the Sol system she engaged her fold drive and vanished as her sabotaged systems missjumped spectacularly. As far as Earth knew, the Pioneer and all aboard her were destroyed.

In actuality, the Pioneer had been shot across the depths of space and time, destine to find a new world and forge a new human government in the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

The following information is not known to the descendents of the Pioneer crew and colonists and is OOC knowledge: With the apparent loss of the Pioneer, construction of the rest of the Frontier colony ships was halted as the United Earth Navy began investigations into the cause of the Pioneer disaster. It would not be known for a long time that the cause was intentional sabotage by terrorists, rather than a design flaw in the ship. The 3rd Frontier class ship, Voyager, nearly completed, was relocated from the asteroid belt construction yard to the staging yard over Earth for use as a study model to figure out what happened to the Pioneer.

By 2381 the Frontier had returned to Earth and also underwent extensive testing for design flaws, while the still incomplete Discovery remained at the asteroid belt yard awaiting her fate. It would take nearly fifty years for the true cause of the Pioneer's mishap to be discovered, when the extremist group responsible attempted to grab control of the United Earth Government, and with their defeat, the truth was revealed.

By this time, though, the United Earth Space Command had desired to resume use of the Frontier class ships, refitting Voyager and Discovery with conventional FTL drives like that of the Frontier, though more advanced and faster than the original drives aboard the class ship. By 2424 Voyager had completed her refitting and was being supplied for her first colony mission, when she was overrun and hijacked by the fleeing augment populace (who would eventually found the Tai Pan Empire) from the United Earth government and soon after jumped away from United Earth space.

External Appearance

The Frontier class Super Long Range Colony Ship is a long angular ship with a relatively slender hull. The bow starts with an extended superstructure extending downwards, but is quickly cut off and tapers down to a long, slender hull that stretches aft, which has many access ports for cargo holds and storage bays. Mid way back, are the main support craft hangars on port and starboard sides, as well as the command tower. Aft of this, is the bulbous form of the engineering section, which ends in a blunt array of main drive thrust nozzles.

Internal Arrangement

Starting from the bow, the ship contains many of the ships navigational sensors, small craft launch bays as well as the civilian habitat sections and cryogenic hibernation systems. The bulk of the forward half of the center mass of the vessel is comprised mainly of cargo and supply storage, as well as the deployment bays for prefabricated structures and habitat components. Aft of this are the largest hangar bays, thee bulk of the support craft support and maintenance, as well as the habitat area for the ships crew. Situated above the crew habitat, is the command tower, containing the ship's operation and control sections. The aft third of the ship is a bulbous section containing the ships power generation and propulsion systems, as well as fuel storage and machinery spaces.

Additional Information

Information on this class's development after the departure of the UESS Pioneer from Earth is unknown, as the Pioneer was never able to regain contact with Earth or United Earth Space Command again.

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