The Uial Lug
SoA Art by Nicoy Guevarra
Established 2993 GSC
Founder Makarios Petrora
Leader Aleksasha Whitemeadow
Also Referred as Wyverns
Chartered 3017 GSC
Merged into The Meadow Wing Forces
Symbol Gold Wyvern on Red/Gold Field

Established as the Uial Lug Mercenary Group by Makarios Petrora and his wife, Aleksasha Bloodtree in 2993 GSC. The Uial Lug saw success in deep cover missions and recovering lost items and people. Their symbol was the crest of the Petrora family, a golden wyvern that was marked on much of their body armor that was to be worn beneath other clothing. Makarios and Aleksasha viewed the Group as an extended family as time and the wars on Liang saw the end of many of their family members.

In 2995 GSC, Makarios and a large number of their forces were murdered by a rival mercenary group. A heavily pregnant Aleksasha was forced to send her remaining people to ground and retreated to Liang to give birth to her daughter.

After Lukina's birth, Aleksasha left her daughter on Liang and reformed the Uial Lug with the specific intention to hunt down and eliminate the men that killed Makarios. It took about 5 years to accomplish this feat and by then the numbers of the Uial Lug had grown to 30 personnel. She refocused their efforts to defense and protection contracts, but still took on the occasional rescue mission.

By 3008 GSC, the Uial Lug had found a home with the Wangdaio Colonies and assisted the Wangdaio Shouwei Forces in combating the piracy threat and protecting the various settlements. When the Colonies fell, the Uial Lug fought alongside the Shouwei to fend off the Heise and the Xenos. They saw their numbers fluctuate each battle but they took on as many people that were willing and capable.

In 3017 GSC, when the Solarity of Kowloon was founded. Aleksasha heard about the Free Company concept and sought a charter with Duchess Bhelith Blackspear of Kowloon. The Uial Lug became a free company whose first real assignment under Knight Commander Lady Ser Aleksasha Bloodtree was to accompany Lord Aniseth Whitemeadow to Rarjuni System to protect Kowloon's holdings and to train the Whitemeadow forces into a capable self-defense force.

By this time the Uial Lug Freecompany was a force of a over 100 well trained soldiers and mercenaries with varying levels of combat experience. When they arrived on Heled, a rivalry sparked between the Wyverns and the House Whitemeadow forces dubbed the Roses partially fueled by the perception that Aleksasha resented her marriage to her new husband, Aniseth Whitemeadow. The Roses resented the bettered funded, equipped and trained Wyverns which led to fights and suspicion between the groups.

After an incident that led to the partial destruction of the Whitemeadow Manor by an outsider manipulating the rivalry, Aleksasha as Lady Whitemeadow, merged her forces with the House Whitemeadow Forces as the Meadow Wing Forces to eliminate the competition between the two groups.

By 3018 GSC, the Uial Lug had become the Meadowwings though those closest to Dutchess Whitemeadow are still affectionately called “Wyverns”.

  • Uniform: All black Insterstellar Alliance Uniforms worn with a custom R-com gauntlet decorated with a golden wyvern (worn on right forearm).
  • Body Armor: All Uial Lug were issued body armor with additional ballistic plate inserts.
  • Hardsuit: Commonly used red or black Tianshi Hardsuit marked with a gold or black wyvern on the shoulder.
  • Firearms: A mix of kinetic rifles, railguns and pistols.
  • Specialty: All Uial Lug were equipped with Stealth units and used a Direct Neural Interface in lieu of an external headset to fully utilize their RCOM for communication and documentation of events through audiovisual recordings.
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