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Principality of Prydain

“The sun never sets on the Union Jack.”

- Unknown
The Principality of Prydain
Home World Prydain
Government Type Aristocratic Oligarchy
Population Unknown

Clothed in the trappings and garb of humanity's long forgotten past, this nation appears to be a Parliamentary Principality modeled after the English Empire at the height of its power. In actuality, it is a powerful shadow that tugs at the sector's strings like a puppetmaster, discreetly bringing along prosperity or chaos as whim dictates. As a militarized aristocracy, it is ruled over by Prydainian Imperators, the Princes and Princesses after which the nation and nation's governance is named.

This is a nation as dangerous and cunning as it is regal and affable. One where its actions can be unpredictable due to the sometimes different, alien train of logic it uses. Its court is full of intrigue and subterfuge revolving around the Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the nobility who seek their own unknown ends, clashing and scheming against one another while moving the agenda of this nation ever forward. Meanwhile, the military itself is the home of Knights and Squires going hunting with their favored hounds, their warpath directed and fueled by the desire to capture and control the most exotic, novel and dangerous game, inevitably curating 'guests' and 'vassals' who were once the greatest of greats.

Though known for its Great Houses and Knightly Orders, it is most well known for its people's habit of going on Safari. In truth, the Principality is a terrifying power and shadowy puppeteer which relishes toying with others for its own ends and amusement. As a result, they are the choice agents of Dark Ones, Interlopers and Outsiders alike.

Broadly speaking of the Principality itself and its primary citizens, both are familiar and alien at once. Though their mannerisms and appearance are a very deliberate throwback to humanity's past, the Prydainians themselves are more inhuman and alien than they seem despite their posturing.


Prydainian Culture is unusual in that it is heavily derived from past cultures of humanity that have been, or were thought to have been, long lost to history. This is very rarely known by outsiders however, and amongst those who are aware, the assumption this is that it is done for some desired effect. Though the Prydainians have cherry-picked the features they most prefer and combined it with their own aspects, they inevitably give the feeling of something old and familiar when interacted with. Specifically, something that gives the impression of power, aristocracy, and Empire, going so far to even include a system of Noble Peerage. Perhaps most importantly though, they are fairly affable in general despite being considered a menace. This sharp contrast is often jarring, knocking the unsuspecting off their balance.


The psychology of the Prydainian is similar, yet distinctly different in certain ways despite their seemingly human behavior. Understanding their motives and objectives is often difficult as a result, as their logic driven decision making is often intertwined with their own persona and ego in a manner that is deliberately obfuscating on their part. Like many aspects regarding the Prydainian themselves, this is a very rarely known aspect, and is typically gleamed through very intent scrutiny and experience dealing with them.


As a throwback to the height of the British Empire, The Government of the Principality first appears to run off a western style system, composing of three branches of government that all counter-balance one another. In truth, this is not the case, as the executive branch, the Princes and Princesses that make up the Imperators, are the ultimate authority. Despite this, they often do not overrule the other branches of government, as not only is it seen as acting in poor faith, but also as disrespect to the common citizenry, who are responsible for selecting those in the other branches of government. For this same reason, Imperators have a much more “laissez-faire” approach, where they simply regulate and maintain the nation, leaving large swaths of discretion to the numerous noble houses.

For this reason, nations may find themselves in conflict with one or more noble houses, and not with the nation as a whole.


Like any nation, the Principality has its own military force, but unlike most, it has marshaled its might in a very different manner. Rather than simply having a military, the Imperator charged with the creation of such a unified and centralized fighting force instead searched for the best, most efficient means of doing so. This Imperator decided that having the Nobles most suited to creating and managing such a vast, daunting and mighty force was best, and ordered them to do this very thing. These noble scions, in turn, believed it was best to have some unbiased entity distant and unassociated with them to perform this great task to avoid infighting, and in turn, created the Royal Defense Initiative, a governmental project which sees to the creation and operation of said martial might. This governmental entity, in turn, believed it was best that the task was best suited to specialized governmental agencies made expressly for this, which finally resulted in the creation of The Three Ministries.

Though its creation was roundabout and even comical due to 'Courtly Conducts', the Royal Defense Initiative serves to protect the Principality and its interests abroad. It acts as a stalwart shield for the nation - and like any good shield, it preemptively bashes perceived threats.

Leading Industrial Companies

Though the industrial sector is privatized, a small handful of companies stand out heads and shoulders above the rest due to their accomplishments, products or sheer industrial size and capability.

Orkney Heavy Industries

Specialized in the mass manufacture of various goods ranging from pre-fabricated housing, personal vehicles, rifles and even various large vehicles, OHI is a powerful military contractor that not only plays a vital role in supplying combat hardware, but supports the civilian sector on the side as well. Its broad, sweeping umbrella of goods covered sets the standard by which all others are judged, and despite being an economic juggernaut, is firmly prevented from crushing competition by the Orkney noble family, close allies of the Imperators themselves. Though its assets are spread throughout the Principality, the numerous manufactorums are binary in their production, either producing only civilian or military goods, and never both.

Perhaps more importantly, many of its military manufactorums are in fact ships themselves, going where they are needed.

Helliwood Royal Fleet Yards

Helliwood is a shipbuilding company that has been elevated to the status of being the Principality's Royal Fleet Yards. As a result, it focuses solely on its role as a military contractor, with its designs being not only highly developed from years of experience, but with mobile ship yards being well suited to supporting the military itself. Mobile, adaptable and capable of harnessing resources from planetary crust and mantle to the surface of stars, they are often there when the navy needs them the most. Though the mobile shipyards themselves vary greatly in size, the largest ones are capable of congregating together to form massive, multi-kilometer spanning Fleet Yards capable of rapidly constructing ships as quickly as resources on hand allow.

Elderflower Corporation

As notorious as it is needed, this military contractor specializes in producing medical goods and various consumables. The research and development it makes is often both groundbreaking and secret, and though mobile like other major contributors to war efforts, its civilian applications are conducted through dedicated subsidiaries and affiliated companies. As a result, the Elderflower is often shrouded from the public eye despite its presence being widespread. Military goods include the very bodies the Prydainian themselves occupy when serving Their Majesties, to field bio-repair tools and food. If it is related to organic science and biology, there is a high likelihood that the Elderflower crest is to be found nearby.

OOC Notes

  • This is an NPC faction meant to act as antagonists in the setting
  • May introduce new political mechanics and have their forces be divided amongst houses, alliances or factions rather than being a centralized power, so that other factions can fight against these, rather than the faction as a whole. More importantly, this allows other Prydainian factions to be neutral, or even aid against the house/faction being antagonistic. Imperators would usually invite people as guests rather than as diplomats or dignitaries to mitigate the risk to them of having the faction as a whole be involved.

The red star-cross deliberately resembles the Prydainian pupil
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