Empire of Tai Pan

The Great Empire of Tai Pan is a young but major nation whose influence is felt throughout known space.

The Empire of Tai Pan
Homeworld: Liang (Tai Pan)
Species: Taianese
Language: Taianese
Government Type: Empire
Emperor: Cixi Kuan Leong
Empress: Cixi Zhangsun

Though most well known for casting its shadow over the entire sector, the Empire of Tai Pan is one of the most technologically advanced civilizations present. With a population departed far enough from the standard that they can be appropriately be called 'transhuman', the Taianese empire marshals both its intellectual and military might to suppress foreign threats and guard itself, expanding in the process of preemptively destroying threats. As its core citizens are all made to order and produced to fit into their expected job, this overarching task is performed with ruthless efficiency while ensuring the happiness of its citizens. This is further enhanced by the luxurious and even sheltered, naive lives they tend to live, with the vast majority of its citizens choosing to indulge in their hobbies and pursue their ideals of beauty, the pursuit of which has earned the empire a particularly infamous reputation. Though their trading and diplomacy minded individuals are often coveted by others, especially those with gallinaceous, feline or draconiform traits. However, their sometimes haughty attitudes and disinterest in carnal desires makes them seemingly unobtainable.

Logical and efficient, the Taianese of the Tai Pan Empire can seem borderline inhuman in their behavior.

Though it has only existed for over half a century, the History of Tai Pan can be traced hundreds of years all the way back to modest, humble roots. Originally artificially created humanoids who were made for hard labor and pleasure in Earth's solar system, they labored across the expanse as slaves. The people that would eventually become the Taianese used their superior intellect and chose to earn their freedom with escape, rather than with violence. In choosing this path, they successfully stole a super-colony ship and the necessary military escorts to flee to a new home over a centuries-long, winding journey. However, after arriving at what was to be their promised land, the Taianese chose to further distance themselves from their former masters, whom they detested and made additional changes to their forms. It was about then that they faced an existential threat which challenged their pacifistic beliefs. Pushed to the brink, they discarded it in exchange for life and committed genocide to survive. Tai Pan has been an imperialistic presence on the galactic stage since.

Pitting neighbors against each other, crushing the weak and preemptively eliminating potential threats is already a formidable threat. However, with the addition of its vast, advanced fleet, the Empire of Tai Pan is a feared power.

The Culture of the Taianese is unique in that it was created from the ground up, something that it shares in common with the Taianese themselves. Despite being based off of several Far East Cultures of Earth, their culture eschews the weaknesses and flaws of their creators, as they strive to become something more, and their culture reflects that. Logic and rationality are prized among the Taianese, with their emotions viewed as irrational weaknesses that must be suppressed and kept in check. At the same time, they view coitus as an unsanitary act fit only for use as a last resort to propagate the species. Cool and level headed, many consider them dispassionate and even inhumanly cold like pieces in a machine. However, they are indeed very human, even if they do not act like nor admit it.

Despite its core citizenry being homogeneous and unified by nature however, the same cannot be said of the other peoples that live within the Empire. Whether by immigration or conquest, the Empire itself actually features peoples from all places and walks of life despite its best attempts to otherwise purify and homogenize its society while remaining within polite limits. For this reason, many sub-cultures exist within Tai Pan, namely among and within the 2nd and 3rd Class of citizens. Though the 2nd Class consists of any who have undergone the appropriate gene therapy to become at least physically Taianese, they receive additional perks, job opportunities and travel rights. In most cases, the 2nd Class consists of humans who have immigrated from either The Interstellar Alliance or Vice, most often in search of a different life, or peace and safety.

For this reason, the vast majority of 2nd Class Citizens are still very relatable thanks to their all too human origins. While some have fully adjusted and work like the Taianese in their strict, regimented fashion, others prefer to live in the border regions and maintain daily lives that are easily recognized and relatable. Of the 2nd Class however, some extremes do exist. The Eumlanhan (음란한) eschew Taianese culture despite their 2nd Class status while reveling in all the debauchery their better than human bodies can participate in. Meanwhile, the Wúqíng (无情) embrace the Taianese and all they stand for, strict caste system and regimented, organized lives included. Interestingly enough, certain species such as the angels have a quasi-second-class status due to their super-human nature. Provided they have staunch support of the regime of course.

Meanwhile, the unaugmented 3rd Class of citizenry do not enjoy any of these benefits, being composed of unaugmented or partially augmented humans and various aliens such as the elves. Even further below the 3rd Class however, are the Jongwu - superior pets for superior people. Though the first generation were simply highly intelligent pet animals, they have since evolved to become subservient, sapient, and bipedal sources of companionship and labor. Due to being classified as animals however, they have the same rights as dogs, cats and the like.

When dealing with Tai Pan, there are two key things to keep in mind; the Caste System of Tai Pan, and one's standing in the Social Classes of Tai Pan

Based off of a core trio, the Caste System is meant to provide an efficient, structured means to marshal their efforts, and does so very well. The system revolves around the Imperial, Destroyer and Maker castes, each with the job of governing, military affairs, and economy accordingly. Though very rigid and anathema to the beliefs of many baseline humans, the system works and works well for the Taianese, not only guaranteeing their economic power, but also social happiness and stability to the shock and disbelief of many. Unlike before, where their predecessors were slaves, each works willingly, as they are perfectly suited to their job and are provided what they consider to be ample compensation.

To further complicate matters however, the Great Houses further complicate matters with their jockeying for power and prestige. Fortunately for outsiders and immigrants in particular, the vast majority of this does not apply to them.

Refined, cutting-edge and fully integrated into their everyday lives, to many, The Empire of Tai Pan represents the technological apex considering its many great advances. Though it lacks features such as the Matter Synthesizer of its fellow Earth-borne neighbor, it does so to eschew what it sees as a 'gluttonous waste'1) of raw energy and pure efficiency in favor of personal convenience. Instead, its technology is terrifying in its completeness of presence as well as its great prowess. The average 1st Class Citizen is fully networked, living within and enjoying their lives in virtual reality. Meanwhile, their bodies toil and labor monotonously like assembly line machines in the juggernaut of industrial and economic power that is Tai Pan.

Further reinforcing this aura of implacability is its pioneering use of personal energy shielding for all infantry, a complete rarity for all other nations, and a difficult endeavor regarding mass production. Meanwhile, many of their designs feature variable geometry, providing additional flexibility and utility to their equipment. Taianese integration with their drone forces is also formidable as well, as the disposable but useful units quickly become extensions of themselves. Perhaps most intriguingly, the mastery Tai Pan has over genetics is astounding, having allowed them to elevate and uplift mere animals, 'creating superior pets for superior people'2) in the form of the Jongwu.

Despite being one of the most, if not the most, technologically advanced nations in known space, the Empire of Tai Pan is feudalistic in nature owing to roots that go as far back to its very founding. The singular ruler of the nation, "The Immortal Emperor", has absolute power, but delegates his authority to various lords, ladies, generals and other members of the gentry in order to rule effectively, with his royal house forming the center of government. Using various appointees and the like to supplement the relatively hereditary positions in the nation, Tai Pan has marshaled its matters of finance, military and various domestics efficiently enough that it has stood the test of time. In general, the emperor delegates his authority to various nobles to preside over systems, who in turn delegate authority to lower ranking nobles who preside over individual planets. This process of delegation continues down to the very bottom of the empire's governance, meaning that the line of authority can ultimately be traced all the way to the emperor himself regardless of the position in government.

Having found a way to maintain his youth and vigor over the centuries, far outliving others of his kind, the ruler of Tai Pan is known by the fitting title of “The Immortal Emperor”. Though not the first emperor, he is the sole known surviving founder of the empire, and he continues to rule Tai Pan with an iron fist, putting his, and therefore the nation's, well being and interests first and foremost above all else. Reputed to be quick to anger, the emperor rules through a combination of martial skill, fear, and devious scheming, where he plays off the various members of his own royal court like pieces in a board game.

As of late however, he is morose; his one great paramour, a woman who sharply contrasted due to her mercy and compassion for all peoples, had perished during the previous elvish rebellion.

Though a relatively young nation just over half a century old, the Empire of Tai Pan possesses one of the most advanced, cutting-edge militaries in the sector; the Dìguó Jūnshì(帝国军事), or “Imperial Military”. Despite this, however, its Earthly heritage is clearly visible in its equipment. The ships produced are mostly in their second generation and share many traits and features that would be familiar to anyone trained on Alliance equipment. As a result, they do share certain visual similarities as well but have already begun to diverge in appearance, becoming sleeker and more refined with each iteration. Just as their changing appearance implies, however, Taianese ships enjoy increased performance over their Alliance counterparts.

The very same goes for their small arms as well. Smaller, lighter and with sleek, ergonomic designs, the Taianese use weapons that are improved and refined from what they brought with them. Though they are well capable of creating plasma weapons, the Taianese generally eschew these, with a few exceptions, in favor of more precise and easy to produce laser weapons, giving them an excellent balance of both quality and quantity. Meanwhile, their infantry armors are considered above the gold standard of the sector; these can be expected to provide complete head to toe protection, an environmentally sealed body suit, and a helmet with integrated life support and combat sensors. But most importantly? Personal energy shielding, something much coveted but out of reach by many others.

OOC Notes

As of the moment, Tai Pan is an ongoing project of Shattered Universe, and as a result, many pages are an active work of progress. The core concept is to bring a science fiction transhuman species and nation into the story. They are purpose built using several philosophies and inspirations from literature. That being said if you desire to contribute to the Tai Pan Project, there is a wiki article below with some guidelines for making Tai Pan fluff and articles.

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