Section 6

Formed by Jack Pine in the year 3015 after operation Thunder on the planet Klio 7 due to heavy casualties received from heavy enemy opposition. This operation was during his service in the Alliance forces, where he served for five years. He left that behind with Zeke and other members. After the events of “Thunder” and being reminded of those years in the military, he decided to take steps to hopefully prevent the large number of casualties again. Section 6 was his answer, an organization dedicated to improving the odds for his personnel in combat operations, as well as the lives of those living in the galaxy.

Their job is to help accelerate expansion through upgrading and developing new tech, even through magical means, providing security, and improvements to quality of life. Following the mandate, “Advance, Adapt, Overcome”.

This is only what is vaguely known to the public eye, even though their presence is only known by a few. Most only know rumors and tales, most speaking of black fleets and legions under the command of a white haired man with red eyes. What the public doesn't know, are their more clandestine activities. Observation, neutralization if need be, and cover up of dangerous phenomenon. This includes magic and technological, and is anything that can prove a possible threat on a galactic scale. On rare occasions they deal with what most who don't understand, call supernatural. Dangerous pscionic phenomenon, also fall under their purview from time to time.

Is dedicated to furthering the expansion and advancement of the use and application of both magic, and technology.

  • Research and Development of new technologies as well as upgrades for existing equipment.
  • Development of new Tactics and Intelligence gathering methods.
  • Execution of high risk recon, intelligence, and covert operations.
  • Descreat removal of galactic threats, and keeping dangerous phenomenon hidden.

Section 6 originally had six different department, thus the number six in it's name.

Advanced R&D/S6-AR&DD:

Advanced research and development geared towards experimental technology and equipment that may even be hazardous.


Just as the name implies, this department focuses on furthering everything from comm to circuits.

Fleet Development/S6-FDD:

They are responsible for all the new designs, upgrades, and parts that go into their ships. They also handle logistics for the S6 fleet.


Founded by Beaumont, this department handles all research and advancements in the fields of medical care. Everything from simple treatment methods, to ever advanced genetics work.


Essentially the armed forces branch of Section 6. Troopers who have honed their skills through live combat, as well as handling rather hazardous situations. They can fight in most extremes thanks to the new gear the labs churn out. Using the latest, arms, armor, tactical equipment, and vehicles.


These technical and physics trained personnel are in charge of making sure everything designed in the labs can, and gets, built to spec. They handle everything from structures and starships, to the newest gear.


As the name implies, this department takes care of designing the latest offensive items, as well as run them through every trial possible. From weapon systems, whether for ships and infantry, to the munitions each fire.

S6 facility (188605)

Section 6 maintains a large facility on 188605. A residential area sits in front of the facility and is a suburb style neighborhood made up of contemporary style homes made from shipping containers. A 100ft reinforced wall was later added around both and a four lane highway connects the property area to the city.

S6 space facilities

Section 6 maintains 6 large space stations in circle around their central space station. Each one is for a specific department, except for SABER which has detachments at each, and the main body of troops on the central station. They have all the labs and other work areas needed, as well as residential sections, manufacturing, docks, and station defenses.

S6-NSS, or Nexus Space Station

The central space station which is double the size of the other stations. It has detachments of each department, but is primarily the main headquarters, and hub for the organization. Most of the manufacturing is done here, and is where the main body of SABER forces are stationed. The center of the station is the primary residential area of Section 6. It is essentially a sphere separated into two halves through the center.

Both the top and bottom halves are domed cities. The ability to generate simulated gravity in space is the only reason this is even possible. The interior side of the domes will display a simulated sky and clouds during day cycles, but only clouds at night. Tubules will capture excess moisture in the contained atmosphere, and once filled will release them in drops, simulated rain. Atmospheric control systems can even simulate winds.

All of this is done to give a more comfortable environment to live in during prolonged periods in space. Section 6 has no home planet, but they search for one unclaimed to colonize.

S6 Shipyards

There are two ships yards which sit above and below Nexus Space Station. These are mostly automated with the majority if the work being done my drones. A EVE AI with boosted processing run each station, and can finish and built up to 10 large starships(large cruisers), 20 small craft, or 1 dreadnought. Granted only a few are usually built each month.

Stygian University(188605)

The university was founded to improve the education system of 188605 in 3017. It also provides a place give specialized training to S6 personnel, and those who wish to purchase enrollment in such courses. Many courses are available, ranging from basic to advanced, including basic studies, astrophysics, starship operation, and even pilot training.

Grants and scholarships are also available for applicants who meet the criteria.

S6 Fleet

200 vessels make up the naval forces of Section. From freights to massive battleships. All have been efficiently designed to provide maximum functionality, while also making the most of available resources.

Jack Pine - Section 6 Director
Mark Oaklen - Section 6 Director
Neera - Lab Assistant and Tactical Support
Rose Ironhart-Pine - Head of Advanced Research and Development
Isabelle Kazuko - Engineer
Sarah Pine - Sniper, SABER
Kessler yzka - Underground Operative

Hex Class Dreadnought:5

  • SSV-Tarturus
  • SSV-Styx
  • SSV-Requim
  • SSV-Obelisk
  • SSV-Liger

Obsidian Battlecarriers:15

  • SSV-Hammer
  • SSV-Anvil
  • SSV-Hive
  • SSV-Goliath
  • SSV-Imperator
  • SSV-Odin
  • SSV-Thor
  • SSV-Remnant
  • SSV-Rosario
  • SSV-Poseidon
  • SSV-Zeus
  • SSV-Talos
  • SSV-Bastion
  • SSV-Sanctuary
  • SSV-Fortress

S6-SS2 "Scythe" Cruiser:25

  • SSV-Scarlet Shadow
  • SSV-Black Rose
  • SSV-Crusader's Cusp
  • SSV-Pathfinder
  • SSV-Spear
  • SSV-New Dawn
  • SSV-Horizon
  • SSV-Broadsider
  • SSV-Hellwind
  • SSV-Abyssal Enchanter
  • SSV-Obsidian
  • SSV-Critical
  • SSV-Talon
  • SSV-Belflower
  • SSV-Ascension
  • SSV-Crimson
  • SSV-Wolf
  • SSV-Fang
  • SSV-Obsidian III
  • SSV-Tails
  • SSV-Defiance
  • SSV-New Dawn II
  • SSV-Albatross
  • SSV-Leo
  • SSV-Crsytallium

S6-SS1 Heavy Frigates:35

  • SSV-Vortex
  • SSV-Battle's Embrace
  • SSV-Singularity
  • SSV-Lucky Jester
  • SSV-Phoenix
  • SSV-Lingering Scar
  • SSV-Raven
  • SSV-Revenant
  • SSV-Dawn's Light
  • SSV-Liberator
  • SSV-Wicked Saber
  • SSV-Event Horizon
  • SSV-Unknown Entity
  • SSV-Oracle
  • SSV-Lickety Split
  • SSV-Tasuki
  • SSV-Black Dragon
  • SSV-Osman
  • SSV-Hellraiser
  • SSV-Banshee
  • SSV-Beaumont
  • SSV-Wraith
  • SSV-Dirge
  • SSV-Cutlass
  • SSV-Fallen
  • SSV-Terranova
  • SSV-Obsidian II
  • SSV-Requim II
  • SSV-Purgatory
  • SSV-Midos
  • SSV-Johanna
  • SSV-Aries
  • SSV-Tiamat
  • SSV-Vespa

S6-F1 Mule Freighter:20

  • SSV-Beyoncé
  • SSV-Idego
  • SSV-Barrel
  • SSV-Trunk
  • SSV-Rapture
  • SSV-Mouse
  • SSV-Mule
  • SSV-Hound
  • SSV-Voodoo
  • SSV-Stalwart
  • SSV-Rugged
  • SSV-Locket
  • SSV-Cleric
  • SSV-Closet
  • SSV-Box
  • SSV-Padlock
  • SSV-Genghis
  • SSV-Khan
  • SSV-Gensis
  • SSV-Unity

The remaining 100 consist of the same number of each ship class above, and are designated Bravo Fleet.








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