IAS Edward Deming

Taking place after The Murray Sequence, the IAS Edward Deming returns to the planet Hawking.

This leaves Heram Wazu and the crew of the ship going into the year 3019 without any major gains from their expedition. With the The Interstellar Alliance surrounded by enemies within and without,and no superweapon to hold them at bay, Heram starts his next great plan: Diplomacy.

His goal is to form a team that can help navigate the difficult path of holding the rest of the universe at bay with their words and actions.

Gain Allies.

Aquire Power.

Save the Universe!

Plot Format & Mechanics

The plot is a Free-form RP mostly involving diplomacy with groups that are sometimes outright hostile. To further complicate things, other groups have their own agendas and will put their own plans in motion against the players. As their actions become more public, the news organizations of the alliance and the court of public opinion will matter more and more.

The plot itself is free-form, and is currently a play by post format in a google doc.

The Murray Sequence
Age Requirement 18+
Format Play by Post
Pacing GM posts every 2-3ish days
Players 6 (Still Recruiting)
Current RP Thread Ask for Link
OOC Thread https://discord.gg/QWCCJy


Language Sexuality Violence
3 3 3

Characters and Players

Character Player Team Position Notes
Heram Wazu Uso expedition leader GM PC
Quarum Wazu Uso Anthropologist GM PC
Geiben Folami About Junior Captain
Green-Thumb Uso Lieutenant Marine Expedition Leader
Green-Horn Uso Marine Pilot
Kala Vilhjálmsson Noodles Medical Officer Doctor-Doctor
Zenigata Readlliea Doctor / Diplomat
esscast Esscast
Soffy Oo'tut Uso Biologist
Torace Oo'tut Uso Emotional Support I'ee
Enid Halliday Anthean pilot
Mark Greyclaw SA_dragon Engineer
Caixa Uso SEER Scientist GM PC
444 Uso SEER bioweapon GM PC
515 LavaLung SEER bioweapon
Doris Müller LavaLung occultist expert


Character Role Rank
Marcus Chong Armorer Ensign

Guest Starring

Character Player Role Notes
Kōrui Hoshiko CadetNewb Taipan Diplomat
Minea Alloom Gartagen House Leader

Characters Previously on the ship

Character Player Team Position Notes
Britney Uso Linguist xxxxx
Tecuma Dresdin Second Lieutenant
Sarah Pine Jack
David Maverock Skully Technician
Diana Doherty Zach Reporter / Diplomat

Open Positions

Currently looking for anyone who thinks they would fit well into the plot!


Book 1

Chapter 1

In 3019 the IAS Edward Deming returned to the planet Hawking to begin preparing for an international summit.

However, as soon as the crew arrived planetside, other groups began their own plans. The locals of the planet, The Grawla, diverted a major river to flow right through the city of New Cambridge. At the same time, a secretive intelligence service attempted to kidnap Heram Wazu. The two events made a mess of the city, and though the kidnapping attempt was Thwarted, there was extensive damage to the city. Dr. Zenigata and the reported scheduled to join the group, Diana, help the crew of the IAS Edward Deming save many lives and are eventually evacuated to a carrier in the ocean just outside the city.

Chapter 2

There is no time to relax, however, and immediately Heram asks if Zenigata can begin diplomatic talks with the Kiwomian delegation that arrived and ended up helping people during the disaster rather than looking out for themselves. Though the conversation is tense, Zenigata manages to lay the groundwork for a new relationship.

Chapter 3

Around the same time, Heram asks Diana to lead diplomacy with the nation of Empire of Tai Pan. She ended up speaking with Sakamoto and made some progress on establishing diplomatic relations… Heram ended up passing out during the conversation so her interview with him ended up being pushed to a later date.

Chapter 04: Summit


Despite the ongoing disaster on the planet below, Wazu pushes ahead with the international summit anyways. Delegates start arriving from all over the sector, most eager to show off their military might.

Kōrui Hoshiko, Zenigata, and the Kiwonion delegation end up having a small spat during the initial greeting portion of the summit, setting in motion events that would cause this small spat to escalate uncontrollably.

Chapter 5: Opening Arguments

Opening Arguments

Wazu attempts to lead a discussion between all involved on what major topics of interest are in play, and how to deal with them. It becomes clear very quickly that without concrete measures to vote on there can be little progress made on coming to an agreement in the current discussion format.

Topics, such as the Armistice of the The Paradise War, aggression from the Empire of Lemais, and rapid expansion from several of the nations present are brought up.

Dramatically, the Gartagen Union would declare the Armistice of the paradise war to be at an end.

Chapter 6

Zenigata and the Kiwomians have a discussion with Heram Wazu after the first major meeting of the summit. Plans are made to help defend their respective home-worlds against possible action by Taipan.

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