The Leif Ericsson is a Cousteau class mid level deep space exploratory frigate operated by the Interstellar Alliance.

Plot Details

Age Requirement: 16+
Format: Play by Post
Pacing: GM post Once every 3 Days
Players: 5
Current RP Thread: East and West
OOC Thread: OOC Thread


Language: 3
Sexuality: 3
Violence: 3

Plot Setting Details

Setting Location: IAS Leif Ericsson FE-475

About the IAS Leif Ericsson

General info about the IAS Leif Ericsson

Characters and Players

Player Character Player Rank Occupation Affiliation Notes
Amari jabonicus Commanding Officer Alliance Navy -
Yuan Xiaofan Fox Executive Officer Alliance Navy -
Ramsay Sinclair gunsight1 Chief Engineer Alliance Navy -
Freyja Oinari yoshi-tan Communications Alliance Navy Cute Mousy Trouble
Desdemona Starchild Immortal Cyan Navigator Alliance Navy -
Christoph Weber Ham Helmsman Alliance Navy -
Yuan Qi Shōen CadetNewb Medical Officer Alliance Navy -
Arachne Panagiotopoulou Noodles Chief Science Officer Alliance Navy -
character user rank Civilian Scientist Interstellar Alliance -
character Tony Marine Alliance Marines -
Jared Lockwood Jimmy Marine Officer Sheffeldan Freehold Exchange officer

Plot History

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