Lost Hope Station

Lost Hope Station is a Casheian Star Fortress With the following modifications:


Class: Orbital Facility (converted to a cargo and trade port)
Type: Star Fortress (Huge Port of Trade)
Nomenclature: GU-OF-21 (no change here…)
Designers: Gartagen Union Engineers (We scrubbed their smell out years ago… took two decades to do)
Manufacturer: Gartagen Union Engineers (probably last people to work on station)
Fielded by: Gartagen Union Solar Navy (Now operated by the Joint Trade Station Committee)


Large sections of the the station have been gutted to make great vaulted areas that planet side style of buildings have been built. If one didn't know better one would think they were planet side. Streets crisscrosses the station linking station corridors and cargo bays. 1)


Crew: 10,000 operators are recommended, 4,000 are required.
Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 300,000 people. About 500,00 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the station would be extremely cramped.


Length: 13.8 km
Width: 6.4 km
Height: 6.4 km
Decks: 847 decks (1.8 meters each)

Propulsion and Range

Hyperspace Fold Drive: HyperSpace Fold Drive (Sold for scrap 100 years ago)
Sublight Engines: Plasma Thrusters
Range: Indefinate (Intersystem only see above)
Lifespan: Indefinate if properly maintained (What is maintenance?)
Refit Cycle: Recommended once every six Gartagen months (Last done 50 years ago.)

Defensive Armaments

  • Primary Weapons: 12 turret mounted twin-linked railguns
    • Location: Flank mounted top and bottom turrets
    • Purpose: Anti-ship
    • Secondary: Anti-Shield
    • Firing Arc: Forward, sides, up, down
  • Primary Weapons: 8 turret mounted twin linked xraser
    • Location: prow mounted top and bottom turrets.
    • Purpose: Anti-ship
    • Secondary: Anti-Shield
    • Firing Arc: Forward, sides, up, down
  • Point Defense Weapons: 24 sand_cannons
    • Location: Spinal Mounts, belly mounts(Six in four retractable turrets).
    • Purpose: Point Defense
    • Secondary: Anti-Fighter
    • Firing Arc: 6 Forward, 6 Aft, sides
  • Arc ports. 12 ports
    • Location: 16 ports on the ship's prow.
    • Purpose: Anti-Escort



Think the city within Super dimension fortress Macross
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