A deep space outpost located in neutral space, jointly operated by the Interstellar Alliance and Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu, Port Endeavour is the the first in a new experimental joint venture between the two star nations to jointly operate a series of outposts along the trade routs between the Alliance and the Dominion to function as ports of call, safe havens, trade ports and diplomatic contact points and promote the betterment of relations between the humans, kishargal and their neighbors.

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Plot Details

Age Requirement: 16+
Format: Single Post/Joint Post
Pacing: Gm posts once every week
Players: 5
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Language: 2 Sexuality: 2 Violence: 2

Plot Setting Details

Setting Location: Neutral space, sector 23×30
Setting Station Info: - class outpost station
Assigned Support Fleet: 1st Joint Patrol & Defense Squadron

  • IAS - (Destroyer)
  • IAS - (Gunboat)
  • IAS - (Gunboat)
  • HMS - (4th Rate) Flagship
  • HMS - (Schooner)
  • HM Schooner - (Schooner)

About Port Endeavour

General info about Port Endeavour

Characters and Players

Player Character Player Rank Occupation Affiliation Notes
Natsumi Yamashiro gunsight1 Commanding Officer Alliance Navy GM
Mairi Grizelda Kinnon Noodles First Lieutenant Executive Officer Ersetu Navy -
Dakura Dakura Riko Space Traffic Control Officer Alliance Navy -
Shelly Klacker Yoshi-tan Chief Constable Chief of Police Civilian Pretty Pretty Princess
Alaw Ninsubur Loch Kim Trooper Dragoon Ersetu Army -
Adan Balar Der-Khan Ham N/A Bartender Ret. Ersetu Royal Navy Retired Whaler
Lisette Madsen Immortal Cyan N/A Maid Civilian, Domestic Science Solutions -
NPC Character
Maya Tsujimoto gunsight1 Civilian Mercenary None PNPC
Clair Sheffield gunsight1 Civilian Mercenary None PNPC
Momoka Ise gunsight1 Station crew Alliance Navy PNPC
Alucard Tayne - - - - -

Plot History

Plot history and episodes will go here.

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