3038 GSC: It's 20 years after the founding of House Whitemeadow on Heled. Magic binds House Sutauto and House Whitemeadow together as a slumbering god awakens. Storms are brewing on the horizon that threaten to destroy both noble houses from within and without. Can the children of these noble houses break the chains that bind them? Or will they drown in the coming tempest?

Legacy plot following the children of House Whitemeadow and House Sutauto. Crosses over with Redfall and Champions of Kowloon.

Roses in Roleplay

The Roses of Whitemeadow is a political and social roleplaying story. It touches on the themes of social expectations, romance and feudal politics.

Character Name Player Notes
Aniseth Whitemeadow Fox Lord Whitemeadow
Aleksasha Whitemeadow Kim Lady Whitemeadow - Meadow Wings Knight Commander
Sutauto Isao Ham Head of Meadow Wings Auxiliary Forces
Cherish CadetNewb Secretary General?
Ilona Sutauto Kim Lady Sutauto
Antonello Mathias Kim Meadow Wings Sergeant
Destiny Jory NPC Meadow Wings Sergeant
Markos Whitemeadow Kim Young Lord
Andris Whitemeadow Fox Young Lord
Haruko Sutauto Kim Meadow Wings Medic
Tsukiko Sutauto Ham Meadow Wings Medic
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