The Dusk Report

Jack Pine used to fight for the alliance, now he fights for himself, but he learned the worst enemies are those that almost can't be explained. When his organization distanced themselves from the other nations to form their own, they saw the phenomenon of outside forces creeping in. Many of which posed threats to the other nations, who were unaware of the possible threats before them. Section 6 took it upon themselves to deal with these threats through innovation as well as furthering the advancements in understanding of tech, pscionics, and magic. In some cases, even combining them to unknown effects. The story follows as the group confronts these mysterious forces, while also keeping their presence hidden, slowly gathering inside connections to to achieve that mandate. Join the fight as guardians, protecting the people from the shadow of dark space.


Character Player Role
Jack PineJack Pine GM PC
Sarah PineJack PineGM PC

Season 1

Episode Progress\Link
Episode 1: Into The VeilIn Progress

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