The Gentle Breeze

Ara-ara, what's this I have here?~~~<3

-Sakamoto Hina, Commanding Officer of the Wéifēng

The Gentle Breeze is a plot Game Mastered by CadetNewb, and is based around the crew of the Wéifēng, an aging Cruiser of The Empire of Tai Pan.


As citizens of The Empire of Tai Pan, you enjoy several freedoms granted to you thanks to our glorious nation, but are perhaps not yet fit to have them all. Though allowed to serve within the auxiliary forces of the Dìguó Jūnshì, you may not advance too far, let alone into the lower offices of civilian governance! More importantly, there's no way any of your kind are capable enough to serve within the imperial military itself, and even second class citizens - those who are your betters - are limited to only being in the less well equipped auxiliaries. However, there is a slim chance for change. An ambitious first class citizen wishes to see your mettle. As a provisional soldier of the imperial military, will you be worthy?

Or will you prove yourself as worth nothing more than second-rate fodder?

Plot Style and Expectations

The plot will be focusing on the sci-fi centered faction of Tai Pan from the perspective of second and third class citizens who are striving for equality as soldiers and citizens. Though the rating is 333, the focus is not on swearing, hyper-violence or sex, though it is permissible within the context of the story. Rather, the rating is present to allow any developments that occur, and avoid hindering roleplay. Players will be making single posts on the forums during most instances, though Joint Posts made through use of a multi-user text editor are accepted for 'asides' that do not take place within the main story thread. Due to the nature of second class citizens though, all player characters must be physically Taianese, though most origin stories that lead to this will be accepted.

Suggested Character Origins

There are several potential origins for characters in the plot, though the chief one will most likely be the Interstellar Alliance. Humans that hail from it may have been stranded and taken up as Tai Pan expanded its borders, consuming human colonies in the process, though they may have just as easily left for it in search of something. Perhaps they sought out better opportunities, super-advanced medical treatment, or perhaps because they're just weebs. Yes. Those still exist. Alternatively, characters could have once been elves or any myriad of human-like peoples hailing from fantastical worlds with magic, but willingly gave up their old selves to become Taianese. In such instances, their homes were likely annexed by the empire, either peacefully or by force.

These are just a few examples however!


Character Player Rank Notes
Sakamoto Hina CadetNewb Zhōngxiào (中校)1) Cock Tease
Sif Jomdottr CadetNewb Shàoxiào (少校)2) Smol
Hao Fox N/A Androgynous
Zǐsè Kikyo Ham Èrděng Bīng (二等兵)3) Catgirl
Royama Dai Noodles Shàngděng Bīng (上等兵) 4) “I'm a doctor not a…”
Lin Fu Aes Sídhe Èrděng Bīng (二等兵)5) OMG 2nd Class?!

Second Class Soldier
Superior Soldier/Lance Corporal
Second Class Soldier/Private
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