“War is War and Hell is Hell, and if ask me, War is a lot worse.”

The Regulars is a plot about war, but not one that is regular. This plot does not glorify combat, but merely shows what it's actually like. Your character will be a regular Marine in The Interstellar Alliance Marines. You did what everyone else did for whatever rhyme or reason, you raised your hand and swore to defend the Alliance and all that it holds dear. While you may be a unique person, you are by no means special.

You are a regular.


The Regulars is a gritty combat plot with a lot of character development and short yet intense combat. Your stories will all intertwine into the overarching super-plot of an invasion of a planet sought to be colonized by the growing Alliance. You are a regular Alliance Marine with regular equipment from the 1st Division, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Company, Interstellar Alliance Marines. Every character is unique, every NPC is unique based on something I have been honing as a GM for a fair amount of time: a fluid story. All decisions matter, from conversations to decisions made in a firefight. Everything is important, and your story matters. Think of it as Band of Brothers meets Generation Kill.

Using the traditional RPG Scale, this plot is rated 3 3 3. The idea is not to have a gory mess for the sake of it, it will make sense. In the same vein, I ask that sexually suggestive stuff be kept the same. The rating is here to show and allow everything to show that war is not a happy item but rather a very malleable subject for a story. Everything will matter, it's a war after all.

Characters and Players

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Plot History

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