Whispers of The Past

Whisper and his gathering of comrades head on a long journey to the Wolve's Den star system, to the planet of Neridto Chi. For Whisper, it's a return home, but will he be able to face the past that haunts him? He and his fellowship begin the journey ahead, ready to brave whatever trials lay ahead.

The road is long and winding, paved in happiness and sorrow. But this road trip has no end until the goal is met and destiny is achieved.


Character Player Role
Whisper Jack Pine GM PC
Kiriya of the Northern Packs Jack Pine The Spirit Guide
Vella-00 Immortal Cyan Crossbow Sniper
Kyle Dee Dragon God Engineer
Ty Sino Esscast Merc
Ivy Dantes Bear Mom Private Investigator
Rohan Neserwin Esscast The boy

Season 1

Episode Progress\Link
Prologue:The Things We do for Love Read Now!!
Episode 1: Ghosts in progress!
Episode 2: Dark PhoenixRead Now

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