Early in the 9th month of 3017 GSC, a charter was granted to the Mikado's nephews; Lord Aniseth Whitemeadow was given land holdings on the planet, Heled in Rarjuni System, to found an outpost and begin to colonize the new holding with a mind for turning it into a rich resource for the expanding state. Colonists of all sorts piled upon the KSV Deluge, a converted civilian cruise liner, to stake their claims and make their way upon truly unclaimed land.

But Whitemeadow, is a fledgling at best, and like the colony he and his foundling Knights and Retainers must grow to brave the unknown hills and valleys of their new home with wisdom and courage, proving themselves, in the Kowloon way, “Noble by prowess, brave and true,” as the fate of a world and the success of the colony rests in the attempt.

Whitemeadow in Roleplay

The Song of Whitemeadow is a political and social roleplaying plot GMed by Fox played by SP and JP. It touches on the themes of social expectations and the impact of personal relationships on a fragile political climate. Readers have commented that the plot reminds them of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice.

Character Name Player Notes
Aniseth Whitemeadow Fox Lord (GM NPC)
Aleksasha Whitemeadow Kim Uial Lug Free Company Commander
Sutauto Isao Ham House Whitemeadow Knight Commander
Oswald "Ozzie" Tyson acewing Glass Milita Knight Commander
Cherish CadetNewb Secretary General
Ilona Sutauto Kim Uial Lug Doctor
Turold Mathias Kim/Fox Uial Lug Lieutenant (NPC)

The plot reading order is as follows:

Main story

Character Asides


3017 GSC

  • Month 9, Day 29: The Mikado, Bhelith Blackspear, Duchess of Piyapon, dispatches her nephew, Aniseth Whitemeadow to Rarjuni System.
  • Sutauto Isao meets his new Lord, Aniseth, and his Lord's intended, Aleksasha Whitemeadow.
  • Month 9, Day 30: Glass City is established and the system, previously unpronounceable, is renamed “Heled”, meaning “Glass” in elvish.
    • Rumor of the encounter between Isao and Aleksasha is on everyone's lips.
    • Aniseth and Aleksasha have an ugly confrontation that ends with the two binding themselves to one another in marriage by an Elven Blood Oath ritual.
  • Month 9, Day 33: Aniseth and Aleksasha make amends and gathers Vekimen pistols for a honor duel against Isao. Aleksasha teaches Aniseth how to fire a weapon.
  • Month 9, Day 34: Aniseth challenges Sutauto Isao to a duel over the disrespect caused to him by his knight sleeping with his betrothed, Aleksasha Bloodtree. Isao loses the duel and is confined to his quarters.
  • Month 10, Day 1: Aniseth issues the decree that only nobility, the Free Companies, chartered surveyors, or visiting dignitaries would be allowed to carry weapons, and the Council could issue specific charters for special circumstances.
  • Month 10, Day 28: Aniseth renders his final verdict on Isao's fate, banishing him from Heled and ordering him to take volunteers to conduct a raid along side Lord Creature du Rochon's Azalea Free company to fill the Whitemeadow coffers. Isao is to serve Aniseth from a distance and never set foot on the planet again.
  • Month 10, end of the year: Aniseth establishes Guilds on Heled and issues charters while Aleksasha colonizes and fortifies the planet beyond the city. Both Whitemeadow are beloved by their respective groups but polarizes the city.
    • Opal City is chartered and established, with Baron Hatfelzer named lord.
    • Glass Starport is established and other offworlders build cities.
    • The Uial Lug Free Company (Wyverns) and the House of Whitemeadow Militia (Roses) rivalry grows as the Wyverns train up the Roses' forces and then recruit the best from the Roses' ranks.
    • Terraforming of Heled begins.

3018 GSC

  • Month 1, Day 28: tensions in the City of Glass between the Wyverns and the Roses reach a tipping point when the Whitemeadow manor catches fire in the early morning hours and Lord Whitemeadow is abducted by unknown forces. Lord Sutatuo's men are first on the scene, having seen the fire from orbit and the Uial lúg Free Company were the next to respond. The House of Whitemeadow militia suspects Isao and Lady Whitemeadow of setting the fire and possibly killing Aniseth.
    • Inside the manor, Aleksasha and Cherish discovered that someone compromised one of the Wyverns and murdered an unknown person claiming it to be Aniseth and for Aleksasha's benefit. Aleksasha denies the identity of the charred corpse. Aleksasha scrambles her men and Oswald “Ozzie” Tyson's Roses and coordinates with Isao's men to catch a rapidly retr eating vehicle to catch Aniseth's abductors.
    • In orbit, the embarked Magisters identified a series of unidentified cloaked vessels in orbit…

Notable Locations

  • Heled, the Planet in which the Plot takes place.
  • The City of Glass - The capital city of the planet

Notable Organizations

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