The Redfall is a plot in development, the successor to the Whitemeadow plot with several tie-ins. Redfall happens approximately twenty years after the conclusion of Whitemeadow.

Redfall follows the crew of the titular ship, the KPS Redfall, a civilian merchant vessel involved with the Wings of Heled, a shipping, postal, and occasional salvage company operating out of Kowloon. It's captain is a Jongwu and a former engineer who relieved the last commanding officer for falsifying reports about the medical state of several crew who died aboard the Redfall during routine operations. Most of the crew was cycled out and the Redfall was restaffed and overhauled to meet more modern standards, and then set out on its first voyage after being refitted for militia service by the Duchess's Wyverns.

As the crew progress about their boring, regular jobs, however, they find that some of the falsehoods the former captain reported to cover his ass weren't quite so false after all.

Most of the crew are licensed Wings, at the head of unlicensed, but skilled laborers.

  1. Skipper: Cpt. Thor Fan
  2. Chief Mate: [The Chief Mate is the second officer aboard, and head of Deck Department]
  3. Chief Engineer: [Chief Engineer is in charge of the Engineering Department]
  4. Chief Steward: [In charge of supplies and such]
    1. Custodian:
  5. Electrical/Technical Officer: [Small, but very important department]

You want to know what KPS stands for? Kowloon Postal Ship. You are a glorified postman. You arrived at this juncture in your life after a long progression of events which landed you in a backwater. Maybe you were a criminal who couldn't find any other job with a record. Perhaps you drank too much and your license got downgraded. Did you hit your commanding officer? Are you too fat to meet modern standards? Do you have two mortgages and a series of illegitimate children who have continued your proud family tradition of not bothering with fancy learning? Are you a stripper that didn't know what else to do with her life? Did you settle?

Welcome aboard. Whatever job you've got in the proud Kowloon Postal Service, it's probably a fair bet that you could be doing it for more pay on a military vessel, if only you were smart enough or good enough or well connected enough. But you aren't. Tough shit.

Good thing you signed on with the Wings, out of Heled. You walked into their office in the City of Glass, under Duke Aniseth Whitemeadow, and printed your name (or in some cases, made your illiterate mark) on the dotted line that indentured you for the next five years in exchange for the cost of your licensing.

Now you're here. You have a steady job, a decent paycheck that you barely get the opportunity to spend, and a new lease on life far away from whatever problems that you were involved in during your past life. Although your past life has warmer showers, at least you have the freedom of cold, dark, endless space.

Wouldn't you know it, your ship is fucking cursed. Your commanding officer is a three foot nothing sentient vixen that nevertheless walks upright, has to wear glasses, and only wears clothing to make taking orders from her furry ass less weird. That's about as encouraging as an Alliance recruitment video. You and everybody else here know that something about the ship is fucked up, you just don't know what. A dozen crewmen died onboard during a routine delivery in well-known space, and they're just going to dust the thing off, put it through a ship detailer, and send it back out there?

This posting sucks. They just slapped a new paint job on a twenty year old hulk and left all the old problems for you to figure out, or in one or two cases, janitor around.


The Redfall is a Tainese Keppa-class freighter, meant to go long distances on minimum crew for several months at a time at a reasonable, safe speed, with a lot of cargo. It has two large, bulky main engines which are just barely capable of FTL travel smacked together in a roughly reversed ā€œUā€ shape around the docking mechanism that's supposed to attach to the cargo you're hauling. Got something that doesn't fit that mold? Tarp it down HARD with magnetic tarps and straps and hope to god it doesn't fall off in transit. You would figure something this ugly wouldn't survive the trip into atmosphere, but it can land and it does have landing gear that works, near the pilot house and crew quarters forward of the freight dock.

The Redfall also doubles as a tow-ship, and actually if you really tried hard enough, and weren't loaded down with a bajillion tons of freight or salvage, it has a lot of raw power. You just have to get it up there and pour whiskey into the plasma tanks - or so they say.

It's GM'd by Fox.

Please contact him via Discord or forum PM to join the plot.

The plot is currently accepting members.

Art credit goes to Gunsight; this is just a sketch of his he's let me use!
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