Dallas McClosky, Kowloon Ranger
Featured Character: Dallas McClosky
Played by Ham, October 2018's player of the month
Artwork by Nicoy Guevarra

Y’all settle down here a spell while I tell y’all the tale of mine and your’n ancestors.

In 2378 GSC, the deep space colony vessel UESS Pioneer, departed from Earth with the hope to find a new planet to call home. But everything went south. The UESS Pioneer vanished into a fold space-time vortex and was never heard from again. The crew of the Pioneer found that the fold drive was sabotaged and couldn’t raise Earth through the commsnets.

Almost 200 years later, the Pioneer's crew re-emerged in another sector of the Milky Way. Humans quickly realized that the solar systems they found were settled and occupied by a strange variety of creatures. Some of which had vast empires, formidable militaries, and levels of technology the likes of which they had never seen. To their amazement, some of the aliens echoed beings of Earth lore and could perform miracles. Humans also learned that to survive against insurmountable odds they would need to innovate to compensate for their biological shortcomings compared to their new Interstellar neighbors and still retain their humanity.

It is 3019 and the political tensions are rising between humanity's Interstellar Alliance; humanity's technologically elevated essence, The Empire of Tai Pan; the giant horned, Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu; and the blue desert uh.. peoples of the Gartagen Union. On top of those tensions are the constant threat of invasion from the feral Atraxians, dangers to colonies on the furthest reaches and mysterious outsiders manipulating the nations towards war.

Are you brave enough to join the fight to unite the nations against their unseen enemies? Or will you further shatter the universe?

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