In 3008 GSC, Taianese colonists attempted to settle the wild and untamed planets of Leloup system. It was patrolled by the Wangdaio Shouwei Forces' 7th Fleet after the Wangdaio Colonies declared independence until the colonies were declared lost in 3015 GSC due to invasion and civil war that began in 3010 GSC.

Most of the flora and fauna of this system is fierce and carnivorous. The Shouwei were rumored to have several Research and Development labs on the most hospitable outposts but its population numbers were low as few colonists were willing to tame the wildness. The lethal nature of the system is the reason why two self-sustaining prison colonies, named “Chateau D’lf” and “Attica” were established here on different planets and monitored by Shouwei ground forces stationed on space stations in orbit by satellites. Only the strong survive in this system.

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