Former seat of political influence for the Wangdaio Colonies that was lost during a Xeno invasion and an insurgency of Prince Yue Ziyi's personal forces, the Heise. La Fleur was regarded as the most beautiful planet among the various farming colonies within the system before the fall of the colonies. The system went dark in 3010 during the blackout that began following an explosion of Prime Minister Ayana Morita's home in Jardin de Lys, on La Fleur. It was patrolled by the Wangdaio Shouwei Forces 6th Fleet led by Admiral Marianne Chaucer.

The Sheffeldan Freehold is located within this system on planet Planet Scarborough.

Known Planets

La Fleur

Known for its beauty and tranquil atmosphere before the Blackout, Le Fleur was the Shouwei Fleet Headquarters in the system, and the probable source of the original Heise jamming signal that started the Blackout. No intelligence is available on the state of La Fleur currently.


A former argicultural colony before the Blackout, Scarborugh was outshone by its more pristine neighbors with its sometimes trubulant atmosphere and periods of bad weather on most of its primary continents. currently it is the home of very minor power in the Sheffeldan Freehold, which controls one of the two continents.

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