Shara is the capital system of the Gartagen Union.

The Shara star system is strategically of little importance, and has yet to be catalogued by any of the area’s empires. The Star it self is type K orange dwarf and has two distinct worlds locked into its orbit. It is located just beyond the unmapped region of space, roughly 25 light years from the Abwerhran Star Empire's systems.

Gartaga rests closest to the Sun, or Shara as it is called by the race that in habits it. Gartaga has no moons but supports a fine set of banded rings that are visible from the planet’s surface even during the day.

Beyond Gartaga is a vast asteroid belt, which is home to the Gartagen mining effort, and is a place where the planet’s missing resource base is being refilled. Beyond the asteroid belt is the massive world of Galva. An immense gas supergiant resides acting the protector of Gartaga, and thirty moons of varying mineral wealth. The energy output from this giant has resulted in the founding of over a dozen colonies on its moons, as well as gas mining its atmosphere its valuable .

This unusual solar composition is caused by the extrasolar capture of the gass supergiant which disrupted the planet formation process. As a result the gas supergiant's orbit is retrograde compared to Shara's.


Gartaga is an arid world, sporting calm shallow seas that cover up roughly 62% of the planet's surface, and a very rocky and geologically relaxed terrain. It however is subject to violent dust storms but also receives enough rain supply the ecosystem. The advent of the Gartagens has driven many of its naturally forming lesser life forms to extinction, as well as drained up the resources to the point that the native sentient race has to look to the heavens to find a way to continue sustaining its existence. From space one would see clear skies with wisps of storms clouds approaching. At its poles no ice caps can be seen. Around the equator of the planet band of prominent thickly banded rings can be seen in the skies above. These rings are comprised of rocks, and metallic debris, from what is speculated to be the remains of a moon.

The biosphere of Gartaga was once rich and extremely diverse, but now is a mere shadow of its former beauty, with many other non-sentient species being destroyed by the rapid rise of the Gartagen population. The clustering of the Gartagen cities around coastal areas has left the interior of the continents relatively devoid of vast cities, leaving small settlements in place. The forests of Gartaga are also showing signs of having paid the price of over population, but at present are being restored, with aid from the resources gained through the inter-system mining efforts.

While the radiation has died down, much of the planet still sports scars from the nuclear wars that occured in recent past. Of the three major continents, one of them is a barren, glassed, waistband.


Gartaga’s cities are not home to vast glimmering sky scrapers, but rather squat, primitive looking buildings. However these cities are located mostly on the coasts of the world’s continents, and are vast urban sprawls. From space the lights from these super cities can be seen, and give an obvious indication that this is a world suffering from over population, as well as heavy pollution.


System Shara
Planet Gartaga Prime
Type Terrestrial
Gravity 1.2 Gs
Stellar Radius .7 AU from star
Circumference at the Equator 22,348.12 miles
Moons None
Gartagen Population 13.7 Billion
Length of day 20.56 hours
Length of year 267.4 days
Atmosphere Nitrogen, Oxygen
Biosphere Declining
Special Gartagen home world

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Asteroid Belt

System Shara
Planet Asteroid Belt
Stellar Radius 2.4 AU From Star
Gartagen Population 4 million(All Facilities and craft

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System Shara
Planet Galva
Type Helium-Hydrogen Gas Giant
Stellar Radius 4.3 AU From Star
Circumference 68,637 Miles
Moons 8
Gartagen Population 17 million (All moons, and facilities)
Length of Day 39.5 hours
Length of Year 579.2 days

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