The Paradise War

The Paradise War is a six month long armed conflict over the icy, resource rich border world of Paradise with the Interstellar Alliance and the Empire of Tai Pan against the Gartagen Union in 3008 GSC. This was eventually resolved in the Armistice of Paradise, where the Gartagen Union allowed both The Alliance and Tai Pan to mine for the next 10 years, with the contract expiring in 3018 GSC, a major point of contention.

As the Interstellar Alliance and Empire of Tai Pan grew, the two nations needed to acquire additional resources as demand at home grew as well. Though the Alliance's exclusive access to matter synthesis devices and Tai Pan's advanced mining technology reduced the strain of these demands, certain key materials could not by synthesized or replicated, and mining was finite, necessitating expansion by both powers. The two coordinated their efforts as to not antagonize one another, and eventually, their efforts brought them towards an area where distant FTL signatures were detected by both. Attempts at long range contact with this potential civilization were not replied to, and first encounter scout ships were not sent. At the time, it was believed that contact was not yet desired by whatever other was present, and that the distance between them was substantial.

In the search for resources vital to the creation of FTL drives, long range survey ships from both The Empire of Tai Pan and the Interstellar Alliance rushed out to scan and claim worlds that were resource rich, and in their blitz, they found Paradise. Though a frozen, inhospitable wasteland of mace hail and heat seeking monsters, the planet was inexplicably rich in the exotic materials that served as life-blood to space-faring nations. As a result, both survey teams rushed to claim the planet first, however, the Taianese vessel was faster, and was promptly destroyed by the hidden auto-defense grid of the planet. Meanwhile, the Alliance ship was barely able to limp back to space, informing both nations of the incident in order to maintain relations between the two.

While the Alliance chose to not pursue the matter further, Tai Pan sent in a small military expeditionary force which promptly scoured the world of its orbital defenses, clearing the way for colonization and mining efforts. Quickly establishing many large, pre-fabricated bases and mining complexes across the world to make their claim, the Taianese were able to settle in and mine for the better part of a year before the original owners of the planet, the Gartagen Union arrived in force.

The Gartagen Union itself was slow to mobilize, but once it did, its assault on Paradise was swift and overwhelming. Taianese orbital forces found themselves outnumbered and outclassed in tonnage. As the Alliance was relatively pacifistic in policy, it never produced battleships at this time, and Tai Pan therefore never saw the need to do so themselves, making their fleet completely unprepared for the Gartagen battleship-class vessels that had arrived. Taianese forces wisely moved to a delaying and harassment tactics of hit-and-run, bait-and-hammer and so forth in order to buy as much time as possible for reinforcements, however, attrition took its toll, forcing the few remaining vessels to withdraw. Meanwhile, on the ground, the Gartagen troops and armor quickly secured supremacy of non-urbanized areas with orbital support before methodically moving in to take the cities. Combat was building by building, but without armored assets or orbital support of their own, the limited number of local Taianese resistance was quickly whittled down and destroyed, with the remaining civilian population either being disposed of or set aside for scientific purposes.

Soon after the fall of Paradise to the Gartagen Union, the Taianese replied with a quickly assembled counterattack with the belief that the enemy's forces present were the total sum. Due to their ship disadvantage, Tai Pan had to compensate with higher numbers, consisting of vessels cruiser-class and smaller, which was expected to result in high casualties. The Empire's forces moved in expecting a single, pitched battle to determine the fate of Paradise, but were instead met by staunch and unrelenting resistance from the Gartagens that drew out the fight as long as possible. This whittled down their larger numbers of smaller vessels over time while the tougher vessels of the Union were able to endure. Meanwhile, Tiger based assault forces made planetfall and quickly blitzed the major cities with armor support, pushing forward whenever their intermittent orbital fire permitted. However, despite quick initial gains, the dug in Gartagens eventually ground their heels in and brought the multi-pronged assault to a crawl as the Taianese personnel began to tire. With their stamina depleted, the Gartagens slowly began pushing back.

Sensing the precariousness of the situation, Tai Pan contacted the Alliance for military assistance, convincing them that the threat would inevitably become mutual. Together, Alliance and Taianese ships were able to use their numerical superiority to overwhelm the resilience of larger vessels that the Union had brought into the battle, but not decisively. Meanwhile, on the ground, Alliance marines were able to supplement the tiring Tigers and stop the loss of ground and briefly turn the tide. With the initial swell in numbers, the two were able to recapture some ground before Union troops were able to dig in again. With the war turning into a stalemate in both space and on the ground, all three nations geared up for full scale war.

However, detecting the massing hyperspace signatures in Gartagen territory, Alliance diplomats took a leap of faith and sent their envoy. After six months, combat finally stopped.

The negotiations did not result in a peace treaty to officially end the war.

Instead, the Paradise War is considered an ongoing conflict, as it had instead ended with a 10 year armistice set to expire in 3018 GSC, along with several concessions, a clear demonstration of Alliance diplomatic prowess. Arguing that the Union's neglect of Paradise sparked the war, looking much like a long abandoned world of a long gone nation, both the Empire and Alliance received mining rights to Paradise. This was a particularly large boon for the latter considering its involvement only in the closing months of the war. This not only allowed the economy and size of both nations to continue growing, but also allowed them both to invest in projects they otherwise would not have been able to at the beginning. Having seen and gone up against large capitol vessels such as the Union's battleships, both the Empire and Alliance invested in large capitol ships of their own while also making small but important changes to their respective military forces.

Meanwhile, the Union's gain from giving these concessions were more soft in nature. With its interest in outsiders and their affairs increased, giving it plenty of time to gather information and assess its neighbors. At the same time, the slow but massive industry of the old nation went to work rearming its forces.

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