Noodles is a role player (and support staff member) that has been part of the Shattered Universe community since even before its official start

About Noodles

College student majoring in Biology- Spends most of their time lurking around the wiki. Noodles goes by male or female pronouns because they have literally no preference- whatever floats your goat.

Their interests are: Role-playing (this includes tabletops and narrative), Ceramics, and wasting time on various games.

Contact Information

  • Timezone: EST
  • Discord: Flanne #7947


Noodles plays the following characters:

Character Posting Rank Occupation
Coca NPC/WIP Petty Officer 2nd Class Naval NCO
Kiko Ki Port Endeavor Entreupenuer Chef
Ava Riggs N/A Marshal First Class Alliance Marshal
Ivy Dantès N/A Private Investigator Freelance Private Investigator
Royama Dai Wéifēng Shàngděng Bīng (上等兵) 1) Dìguó Jūnshì Field Doctor/Researcher
Ellie Maciver N/A Deputy-Director Marshal Corps Deputy Director
Mairi Grizelda Kinnon Port Endeavour 1st Lieutenant Executive Officer

Superior Soldier/Lance Corporal
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