The Tianshi Hardsuit was created for use by 3rd Class citizens of Empire of Tai Pan that were otherwise incapable of using “proper” Tianese military equipment due to lack of simple biology. The Hardsuit fell out of use by the Tai Pan in 3008 GSC and was the primary hardsuit used by the Wangdaio Colonies and the Heise in the conflicts that caused the fall of the Colonies. The surviving hardsuits are considered dated technology and many have been cannibalized and cobbled together to maintain their functionality. In more recent years, some of the Free Companies of Kowloon have managed to acquire some of the Tianshi for their use but many consider their use archaic, much like using plate armor.

To don the Tianshi, the chest and backplates seperate and move down to allow an operator to climb into the hardsuit. The fit of the Tianshi is tight, so operators should wear the Tianshi bodysuit or in more dire situations, just their undergarments while intending to use the suit.

Wear concept Reference
Bubblegum Crisis Hardsuit (C) Anime International Company and Funimation

The Tianshi Hardsuit has seen use in Knights of Kowloon and in the The Forgotten stories.

Organization Known Color Schemes
Wangdaio Shouwei Forces Dark Grey
Shouwei 1st Fleet All White with a Gold Crowned Stag
Heise All Black
Azalea Free Company Off-white with red accents
Uial Lug Free Company Red with Black Wyvern or Grey with Gold Wyvern Blazon
House Whitemeadow Royal Blue with White Rose Blazon
Meadow Wing Forces Royal Blue with Gold Wyvern and Red Rose Blazon

The Tianshi is hermetically sealed and features full NBC protection, making it capable of zero-atmospheric operations, where its array of cold-plasma micro-thrusters allow it to maneuver. These are insufficient for in-atmosphere flight, but allow it to slow its descent to safe velocities. Its advanced polymer muscles not only carry its own weight, but allow the user of the hardsuit to lift over a metric ton of weight and leap over a story high. These are easy to replace, and are powered by an easily refueled micro-fusion reactor on its back. This rests behind the the thickest portion of stahl, the primary armoring component of the suit. More recent models use high-end ceramics, but militia forces typically choose to use stahl for the lower cost and ease of maintenance, sometimes even opting for the cheaper, non-stainless varieties which will accumulate an outer layer of rust.

The Tianshi features both integrated laser projectors and a fold down, fist mounted kinetic amplifier.

Quad Pulse Lasers

Despite being unsuited to the light anti-vehicle work necessary to take on other hardsuits, the quad pulse lasers mounted onto the head of the suit enable it to quickly dispatch infantry with its barrage of fire. Cycling between each other for a total of 9 rounds a second, the weapons are only limited by their heat production due to the hardsuit's integrated reactor, which typically allows for up to 5 seconds of continuous fire. These lasers typically function in the infrared spectrum to maximize damage against softer targets caused by the explosive vaporization of material. This weapon is controlled by a specialized neural interface, and requires special training in order to not only use, but also calibrate it to the individual, after which it reliably functions like an extension of the user's body.

When firing, the lasers create a loud popping snap as air between it and the target is flash-heated, and the surface of the target is vaporized. Wounds caused by the infrared lasers are more shallow in comparison to other weapons, but due to the expansion and vaporization of material, is wider.

Kinetic Amplifier

Located in the left forearm, the kinetic amplifier is integrated into the asymmetrically heavier plates, granting it the necessary structural integrity to function properly. When active, the device amplifies and multiplies pre-existing kinetic energy to destructive levels as the main 'knuckle plate' moves to cover the hand, enabling the user to perform powerful anti-armor blows in a last resort melee. The kinetic energy amplified by the weapon is projected away from the device and user, and into the target for maximum damage and minimal recoil. Like the integrated lasers, the kinetic amplifiers require special training to both use and calibrate the weapon to the individual user through the neural interface. After this, the weapon reliably activates and performs according to the user's will like an extension of the body.

Damage caused by the kinetic amplifier is, as its name implies, kinetic in nature, and due to the shape of the reinforced knuckle covers, is typically a blunt crush.

Concept Reference
Tianshi Harduit - Wangdaio Colony - Shouwei configuration
Original Ashmantle Armor design used with permission by Jehu Chan/ Splinterlight
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