Aiyana Aster

Aiyana Aster is a player character played by Kiteakat.

Aiyana Aster
Species: Elf
Gender: Female
Year of Birth: 2980
Height: 5 ft
Weight: 95 lbs
Organization: -
Occupation: Psionics Trainer
Rank: Mercenary
Current Placement: The Black Forge

Aiyana is a five foot tall, slender yet curvy elf. With smooth pearlescent skin and her hair multiple shades of purple that reaches well past her backside. The elf keeps her long hair tied in a neat braid that hangs down her back and rarely lets it loose. Her eyes are vibrant emerald green with flecks of purple in them. In certain lights pale silvery markings in a swirl like patterns can be seen along her arms, torso, back, and midsection. She often is smiling or has a calm look on her face and will often times smell like wildflowers and vanilla. Her tone is generally soft and kind but hardens when upset.

Aiyana is motivated by her need to try and be better, to not be that delicate girl who was kidnapped back at her home colony. Rarely does she have a cruel word to say but will always speak her mind on something- even if it scares her. She is hard working and often times that will get in the way of personal connections. Due to life events for her, she is cautious but curious about a great many things and will at times act without thinking and then reap the repercussions of that. It takes a great deal of prodding to make her angry, often times walking away before blowing up on someone unless she is cornered and made to face her anger. Habits vary but most often she is practicing early in the morning, honing her skills and then in the afternoon while having lunch she will be reading a book and unless something is planned she will alternate between that through the day.

Aiyana tends to be decently social, they will speak to most anyone- even the scariest looking brute out there as long as they do not treat her as second class or lower- she gives respect until that person no longer deserves it. Past relationships have been few and far between, she barely had one with her parents and has never been in a personal relationship that has last longer than a week.

Aiyana Aster was born in 2980 GSC in one of the systems that would become the Wangdaio Colonies.

Aiyana Aster has the following notable skills:

  • Pyrokinesis (+4)
  • Telekinesis (+3)
  • Psi-Healing (+4)
  • Psi-Shield (+2)
  • Teleportation (+2)
  • Psychometry (+2)
  • Mind to Mind Interaction (+1)
  • Hand to hand (+1)
  • Staff use (+1)
  • Firearms (+1)
  • Mecha gunnery (+2)
  • Mecha Piloting (+1)

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