Duchess Bhelith Blackspear of Kowloon

Full Name: Bhelith tu Andelles Arleigh
Species: Elf
Gender: Female
Clan: House Arleigh
Age: 136 1)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Organization: Solarity of Kowloon
Rank: Lord Empress
Occupation: Interstellar Nobility
Personal Blazon

Duchess Arleigh is the Lord Empress of Solarity of Kowloon, a title granted to her by the Emperor of the Empire of Tai Pan. She holds the special region as its sovereign, owing feudal loyalty as a vassal state.

She's one of the few elven nobility allowed to survive the four elvish rebellions, and fought valiantly in all of them. She is a talented artificer, a magician that utilizes the Word and the Song to create items of power and utility, and there is speculation that her heritage as an artificer is part of the reason that the Emperor allowed her to live. As a warrior in any age, Bhelith of Arleigh can stand with her honor in tact and her head high.

Her moniker, “Blackspear”, comes from a particular incident in which she destroyed a Tai Pan fire support ship by enchanting a black-swaddled standard to strike it from the sky.

All elves have callings. In the scope of those callings, each elf defines themselves; for Bhelith, this calling is war, and her appearance reflects this.

Bhelith stands at around 6’2”, but unlike most of her people, she is a practiced warrior of the ancient world with a wolf’s musculature, heavier around her shoulders and well corded around her waist and thighs. Rather than the grace of an ephemeral scholar, her lithe beauty is more akin to a hunting cat's. She is raven haired, and dark of complexion – a ‘nut brown’ color, with dark, curly hair and a pair of golden eyes that reflect the light like a pair of twin suns.

  • “Your goal, I can assume, by ramming your vessel - by risking everything over and over again without reservation - is to live in the face of the odds. For you the battle is over. You have lost and there is nothing else but to go to your god and your afterlife. For me, the battle begins anew, every single challenge I face. To lose, for me, is as glorious as winning. It means there is something in this broad star ocean yet worth conquering.”
  • “If you are expecting creativity from someone calling themselves the 'Black King',” mused the dark Lord, perhaps missing the irony or lampshading it with sarcasm, “I fear for everyone's sanity. I assume your fair blue commander is going to stop them at this bridge?”

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