Cairistiona 'Catriona' Hashur Allist

Cairistiona is a Kishargal-Human hybrid from the kishargal_constitutional_dominion_of_ersetu. They are controlled by IncuBoye.

Cairistiona 'Catriona' Hashur Allist
Species: Kishargal/Human
Gender: M
Born: 2981‬ ce, 3rd Month
Age: 38
Clan: Allist
Occupation: Physician
Rank: Officer (Medical Lieutenant) (Retired)
Current Placement: TBD

Height: 5'11” (cm)

Weight: 170 lbs (82 kg)

Build, Skin Color and Skin Pattern: The body is wreathed with peach colored flesh that almost seems washed out: A result of intermixing between a sun-touched-Kishargal and a pale human. A deep red color glows from the skin's hide, forming in groups of stripes that mark the body, and curiously enough, around the eyes.

Narrow shoulders and wide hips are the distinct silhouette of this body. Long legs seem to make up most of the considerable height offered by the frame itself, shaping proportions in favor of dexterous movement. The thin arms terminate in oddly human hands, deeply contrasting the retractable claws upon the feet.

Eyes and ears: High contrast green eyes peek out from a void of black, distinctly glowing. Paired with the bio-luminescent red beneath the eyes, it can be unnerving to the uninitiated due to the nature of how distinctively obvious it is when these pairs of eyes stare at a target.

The ears are tipped, but not quite majorly elongated. This does, however, look distinctly inhuman, and to a native of the species this looks to be too underformed.

Horns: Curved back, the horns bear the appearance to that of an Earthen goat's. It begins with a glossy black texture, gradating into a deep red that glows along with the reddish accents that accompany the flesh of the rest of the body.

Hair Color: The hair is grown to an opulent extent, reaching right beneath the rear. Shining a brilliant auburn, these long wavy locks tend to be kept free, but can be constrained into a bun during work hours.

Tail: Lacking girth, the tail seems to be almost atrophied when compared to others of this species. Its haft is sleek and thin, terminating in a distinctive, glowing red spade tip.

Distinguishing Features:

A glowing birthmark on the hip, notable of those of Catriona's family line within the Allist clan.

Three short red glowing stripes down the front of the eyes, almost as though mimicking eyelashes.

Not being quite human, not being quite Kishargal.


  • Personality:

Catriona isn't the softest handkerchief in the pocket, but is not frigid. Having stomached active conflict and high stress operations, one simply gains the ability to compartmentalize the more sensitive parts of one's brain.

Genuinely, there is a care for others. But there is a fear that lingers beneath it all. Catriona is terrified by the latent potential for horror that is present in every human being. But in equal parts, there's an attempt at acceptance, and understanding.

In public, Catriona is personable, reasonably amicable, and bears the rearing of someone that was raised to deal with social functions. To the trained observer, there's a lingering discomfort, a deeply hidden fear. Yet, the smile is genuine, if pushed to the front of it all.

At work, Catriona can be described as a diligent worker. Surgical operations fall within Board expected margins, and overall has a decent reputation for being a solid family-trusted doctor.

At home, Catriona never quite relaxes. There's an unspoken fear that lies just behind the eyes, cloying to escape in a frenzy of panic and stupor. While sleep comes, it is assisted with medication.

  • Likes:

Wine, milk-diluted tea with honey and sugar, being read poetry to, warmth, crowds.

  • Dislikes:

The smell of ozone and burning steel.

  • Goals:

Learn about the galaxy, dance with a celebrity, watch a nobleman duel, visit an alien operetta, lose a drinking match with masculine 'partners'. Learn an esoteric truth. Be painted by a renowned painter. Allow something to soothe the mind.

Born to a household of Gentry, Catriona was afforded a life that was free from the toils of common yoke. Education into the sciences was a given, due to the namesake of their Clan. Life was simpler, and there were many instances of recorded smiles, happy family moments, and a fair share of adolescent growing pains and boundary testing. They merely met the familiar expectation, never quite managing to go above it.

Training to become a Physician was something locked into place the moment Catriona reached the appropriate age. They had no talent for engineering, but had some inkling of potential in the field of biology. Finally, they were in their element. A passion for the classical Masters of anatomy and surgical theory, with a nigh-artist's touch with a scalpel. They were, for a decent period, the pride of the University they attended.

Life continued to become more saturated with the reality that… Perhaps the galaxy isn't as cold and horrid as some say.

Riding this high, applications to the Navy were made. Seeking to provide greater honor and prestige to their family's name, Catriona did what they thought was best, by furthering their Clan's reputation and name to those who needed assistance most. It was what they were trained to do, it was what was expected of them. And it worked well for three years.

It all changed when that third year ended.

The scorching scent of scalded flesh. The deafening din of rapid depressurization. The orange glow of a charred and burning hull. Civilians wide-eyed, clutching what worldly possessions they still had. This fake reality was torn asunder by a single stray fighter, opening fire on an evacuation shuttle that Catriona just so happened to be assigned to.

Many died. Some could have been prevented, if Catriona and their team were better trained. With the comms system fried, life support going critical, and a pilot that had to be kept awake by use of adrenaline and high-grade painkillers… Catriona and what remained of the med-staff did what they could to eke out just a few more days of drifting.

Thankfully, there was an eventual answer to unsaid prayers: A freighter passed through the sector.

What followed was a confusing mess that Catriona barely remembers. The debriefing was lost to memory. A retirement due to reasons they don't even full understand. Not that they truly cared after that event. Suddenly, their officer's quarters were replaced with their familiar familial home's. Suddenly, those prideful faces looked upon Catriona with uncertainty.

… But the stars were more comforting. Catriona began to chase exoticism, as a means of escape. They plied their trade as a means of fueling this ambition, and left home at long last, trying to find meaning.

Literate in reading and writing. Competent mathematics training. Basic day-to-day technology use.

Psi-Healing: Latent.

  • Cannot perform this ability unless it's discovered through trauma or necessity. Must be honed, or else has severely negative results for both the user and the target.
  • Cannot perform any other psionic ability without first understanding, and becoming comfortable in using this ability.


  • Professionally trained in humanoid anatomy.
  • Unfamiliar in non-standard humanoid anatomy.
  • Untrained in animal anatomy.


  • Professionally trained in triage.
  • Professionally trained in formal surgery.
  • Professionally trained in med-tech equipment.
  • Untrained in exotic medical equipment.


  • Professionally trained in woundcare.
  • Professionally trained in burncare.
  • Familiar in skin grafting.
  • Competent in anesthetics.
  • Competent in cosmetic surgery.
  • Officer training with a laser-flintlock pistol.
  • Limited command experience through rank.

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100 Sovereigns Starting Funds
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