Lord Creature du Rochon

Creature is a character played by tony.

Species & Gender: Gartagen Male
Date of Birth: 2983 GSC
Organization: Azalea Free Company
Occupation: Nomad
Rank: Lord
Current Placement: Knights of Kowloon
  • Height: 6'2“
  • Weight: 200 lb
  • Build and Skin color: Tall and linky, but large. He features Blue Skin. He has Little body fat on him, and his muscle structure is pronounced giving him a lean but cut physique. The left side of his torso is, however, is covered in corpulent masses of scar tissue.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: He keeps his face concealed at all times. His eyes are amber in color, typically they are warm and glowing, but can burn with intensity when a moment of extreme emotion is solicited from him.
  • Hair color and Style: Keeping his face concealed with a keffiyeh, half of his head is covered scar tissue, the hair on the right side of his head pokes out of his head wrap, which he keeps rather short.
  • Distinguishing Features: He is very finicky about his appearance. So much so he tends to keep his flesh hidden from all. Half of his left Thumb and his bottom finger are missing, and he walks with minor limp.
    • Honors Lord Creature du Rochon, Lord of the Lorani Province, Mayor of Lucarin City, Knight General of Azalea Free Company, The Evening Knight.

Personality wise Creature is energetic and lively. Very chatty and charming he tends to speak to whomever is near him at any moment. He is cheery and is usually looking to have a good time. Kind act's in his direction tend to be accepted with some form of thanks and that's about it. When he speaks he tends to be very vulgar and rough around the edges and is known to have bouts of anger or irritation when provoked, though these quickly subside. He often says the wrong thing at the wrong moment to others, and when they express offense he will apologize quickly. Creature, however, has never been fond of killing, or deplorable acts, and when character's express a love for this he is quick to speak up. He is not shy, nor is he afraid to speak his mind.

Creature has lived a harsh life surrounded by violence. His body clearly bears the scars, but his mind even more so. He internalizes his emotions and has a habit of taking chemical supplements to ease his physical and psychological pain.

His one major quirk is he does not care much for being touched, and he is very shy about how he looks. Under scrutiny he gets irritated, and if pushed he can quickly resort to anger and violence. Morally ambiguous, Creature does whatever he desires on a whim.

Being a sentient living breathing person(Though an alien) Creature has motivations. He is utilitarian in his lifestyle, so offerings of wealth and a home likely will disinterest him. Creatures lives for today and any sort of rush will please him. If none is available he will resort to being static, quietly wandering and seeking ways to sustain himself with food and drink, as well as to alleviate his physical and mental trauma. As for close relationships and companionships, anything is possible. Though creature himself would say he is unworthy of compassion and companionship.

Creature often making choices with little thought or worry about the consequences. Typically he will do favors and niceties simply because he has an ulterior motive, likely self-serving as opposed to being manipulative. He, however, is not inherently evil and will apologize or back off if he sees he has become too much for his companions to handle. Often after apologizing, he will usually attempt to make it up to the wronged party, in an effort to move on…however it is usually in a way that will service creature's desires.

Lively and energetic, Creature rarely sits still often creating most of his own problems, he is usually rarely malicious or hateful in his deeds or actions, though his words may be contrary. No stranger to violence, Creature will enact violence on those who stand in the way of his desires, or are actively trying to harm him or those he cares about.

Creature was born in 2983 GSC.

Prior to his brief and somewhat docile appearance on 188604, he has said somethings indicating he spent much of his youth in the Rapid Reaction Force. His freakish size(By Gartagen standards marks him as likely being apart of a now-defunct super soldier program. He served for some time in the RRF Special Operations Command unit, performing high risk and covert operations. When his contract was resolved, Creature decided to move on to other things. He took a parcel of land and attempted to farm, but found that the civilized life on the frontier was not for him. Needing money, and a means, creature opted to join a Mercenary troupe that took him into uncharted space.

It was there in deep space the new mercenary encountered what would become his soul mate. An unknown alien woman with bony appendages on her head named Sevari Celikors. The pair had much in common. Both enjoyed the mercenary life, as well as instant gratification, and sex. Soul mates born of different worlds, the two personalities melded and the odd pair found in each other what they had not found in members of their own species. Years of adventures and battles in space only intensified the bond. The result was marriage, though the pair were incompatible for children, they continued their vagabond wandering life together as a single unit. A family of two.

Creature will often stop speaking of what happened here, what is known though is that Sevari is very much dead, as is their mercenary troupe. Her possessions, the headdress he uses to hide his scars, and a small case of her belongings are the only possessions he actually keeps. Creature — pair bonded to his lover, has voiced a desire to end his life, but at night he speaks in his sleep. Something inside of him prevents this, and at present creatures uses illicit substances to fight back the urge to end his life as a result of the deep pair bond that is now destroyed.


Creature was first seen on planet 188605. He obtained the name “Creature” from the locals who took him for a beggar, and he has since adopted the moniker as his own finding it “Acceptable”. A Gartagen male, and drifter, he came to the world and has become something of a vagabond. He avoids too much conversation into his past. But several things about his past can be gleaned. As a Gartagen he likely served in the military of the Union at some point. Judging by his lonely lifestyle and emotionally detached nature he is possibly a veteran. Creature is not adverse to contact but simply does not seek it out.

His time on 188604 saw Creature develop some limited bonds with the local prostitutes. One of the girls soon, however, was abducted by a member of the gentry on Vice. While on Vice Creature did not quite understand what the culture of the world was, and soon found that he and the young woman he came for were now fighting for their lives. Creature escaped into the sewers where he encountered his page for the very first time. A young unknown alien child forced to live in the sewers, she aided Creature in his escape. Rorik and what would be the future aided Creature in escaping the world with Anne and his new little friend in tow.

After healing from the events of Vice, Creature being transient by nature went wandering space again and found himself on Piyapon.

ujia_b_huakitab_a_soongao - If place side by side the size and appearance of Creature and Bronzi are very similar. Creature is sports a thinner and wirier build. Creature sports a huskier and more ragged voice. The skin and eye color are exact. They are essentially brothers - though a genetic comparison would suggest twins

ujia_sura - As Bronzi's offspring. Creature shares many of her genetic markers as well.

hilda_olander - Wife - Creature often finds his mind wandering to thoughts of Hilda. His hedonistic and brutal nature attracting the cat to him. The relationship he has with her is both affectionate and antagonistic. He tends to keep his true feelings from her, but often internally worrying about her, and finds himself often looking out for her when she gets into trouble. When Hilda isn't around he will often indulge his own appetites, but when around he tends to focus on Hilda.

valeriane - Protege - Creature doesn't associate sex with love but he engages in the act of lovemaking with Valeriane finding her physical body desirable. However, the young Helashio is idealistic, brave, and kind. Virtues Creature him self-does not have. He Views this woman as his friend and has much respect for her.


He is trained in how to fight with the blade in one on one and close quarters combat. Something of an expert, his fighting style is very practical and utilitarian. But expertly trained and honed suggesting he has a lot of experience as well as a great deal of formal training in Gartagen sword fighting arts.

Xeno Fighter

Fight the Xenos

Creature is well versed in the combat styles of other species. On top of his own fighting skills Creature is capable of matching and predicting the movements and actions of other races in combat. This includes shooting battles as well as one on one matches of physical superiority. Creature knows when and where to strike on the bodies of various alien species known to his people.

Gun Fighting

Creature is a skilled pistoleer and rifleman. He can use most ranged weapons to maximum effect, from heavy weapons to small arms. He is capable of fighting in the open field or in covert operations.

Standard Military CQC training of the union

Formal military hand to hand training. Creature knows simple by effective combat techniques designed to end fights quickly while keeping himself from being harmed.


Creature is trained in how to survive as a minimalist and in hostile environments. He can also maintain his personal gear due to having taken the time to get to know it. Maintenance and repairs of his own gear are no problem, as well as knowing what materials are needed to do so. He can forage for ammunition, food, and build a shelter as needed. This skill along with his others grants him some small measure of medical skill allowing him to do field medicine if necessary.


Creature is surprisingly, trained in how to teach people the skills he knows. Formally he can teach his skills to others in an intimate environment or an even classes in a classroom or training field environment


Creature is well versed in tactics and strategy. Fighting as a soldier is one thing, but he can lead troops into battle if he needs to. As such Creature is a shrewd and frugal tactician. Excellent on the defense but a bit ponderous on the offensive.

Creature has the following items:

  • Hand, arm, shoulder and torso plates of battered Edjia Ballistic Armor
  • Old battered Beauty - Edjia Gauss Revolver - Destroyed
  • Sevari's Gift - A strange sword that cascades with energy. Gift is a named weapon. It is a treasured item that Creature takes rather seriously and treats as a treasure having named it. This item is of significance and meaning to him.
  • Creature has recently made about Gazillions Space dollars.
  • Filthy boots, Pants, ragged shirt, his old RRF duty coat has been destroyed, Blue and orange Keffiyeh.
  • Rose gold wedding ring - worn on his tail
  • Garium Shield - found in a scrap pile and given to him by his page.
  • A Black Kirikuu - A Bird horse riding steed.

A character quite different to any I have ever made. Horrid to behold with eyes, morally ambiguous. He has many scars inside and out and will grow based on the experiences and relationships he develops.

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