Dallas McClosky

Dallas McClosky is a player character played by Ham.

Dallas McClosky
Art by: Nicoy Guevarra
Species & Gender: Human Male
Year of Birth: GCE 2986
Organization: The Royal Order of the Horizon (The Kowlani Rangers)
Occupation: Kowloon Ranger
Rank: Knight Ranger
Current Placement: Azalea Company Liason

Height: 6'1“ (185.42 cm)

Weight: 176 lbs (79.8323 kg)

Build: Burly, athletic, and big. His arms are covered in synthskin that features a light coat of arm hair.

Eyes and Face: Weathered Complexion with somewhat of a five-o'clock shadow. His eyes are implants that have free coloring, but are usually a light brown color.

Ears: Regular curved shaped.

Hair: Dark brown, kept cut close but not yet a buzz cut.

Distinguishing Features: Muscular face, a few scars here and there.

First an Alliance Marine, and second then a Ranger of Kowloon, Dallas has a very varied personality that branches out as wide as a willow tree. He can be vulgar at times and then completely docile and polite at others and this all depends on where he is and what he is doing. When he's in a good mood, he'll sing, jest, and tend to be more genial to most. However, when his mood is low, he's more vulgar and straight, prone to outbursts and violence. He usually keeps himself in check due to errors in judgement that have happened in the past few years, and those moments are usually where he doesn't say much at all.

He keeps his friendships dear to him, having experienced the loss of his former family as well as numerous burned bridges. He does not take loss very well for the same reasons. His goals include to finally settle down and escape the constant conflict that surrounds him and to have a family again.

Dallas McClosky was born in GCE 2986 in the city of New Seattle, Washington. His Father and Mother had him first, then gave birth to another son, Tim. While Tim was more content with living for himself, the older son tried to keep his family alive for as long as possible. They eventually got to a better part of the empire to live in and while Tim began to take too much after his Father, Dallas kept close to the Government that claimed to keep him in line. And once the rebels were down to fight his Father reenlisted and died off world. This hit Dallas and Tim the hardest. Tim enlisted in the Interstellar Marines, while Dallas had fallen in to the Police forces to keep their little section of the world alive. Here Dallas lost contact with his Brother and tried to take better care of his mother.

Crime was usual around New Seattle, and his Mother got caught up on the wrong side of a gunfight. Dallas took this heavy and took it upon himself to lie to his Brother and say that she died of age and depression of losing her husband. As the government reformed, he found his police force change as well. The National Police Force of Alliance promoted him time after time. He found himself settled at Sergeant, and being moved around to different planets and Precincts to where he was needed.

Following his assignment to the Seventh Planetary Section, Dallas encountered the dark side of the Alliance. His time in Section Seven gave him a sense of higher morality and changed his outlook on a lot of things. But before he could finally find that piece of life he was missing, the Scythe left Alliance space with both mercenaries, bounty hunters, and the Alliance Military on their heels.

Finding himself in the newly formed Kowloon frontier, Dallas enlisted himself into the Kowloon Rangers to hopefully keep himself from losing his touch. He was assigned to monitor and aid a Company of soldiers, mercenaries, and general fighters under the command of Creature on fighting a group calling themselves the Black Army.

His early time as Marshal led him to consider his morality. He fell in line and generally thought himself as doing something right. On one operation, the destruction of a alien wreck, inside of which was a camp of the opposing side's civilians as well as military, Dallas found himself questioning the leadership of Lord Creature du Rochon. After summoning a small group of other Marshals, Dallas attempted to arrest the Lord under Murder, Manslaughter, and breach of Charter.

In the ensuing days, the conflict with the Black Army grew worse to the point where a battle was forming that would change Dallas. He had developed feelings for a woman by the name of Valeriane who had been placed in command of the Azalea Company. Dallas began to regret his arrest of the Lord and sent for him to be released. Word never reached him before it was announced that a duel to the death was to take place between the two leaders. Dallas, attempting to keep Valeriane alive, tried to intervene but was cut down by a spear. As he was taken away to have his wounds attended to, Valeraine was killed. Dallas only learned of her death days after she had been killed. He never got the chance to apologize for his mistakes.

Troubled by Valeriane's death, the Marshal began to fall out of touch with himself, attempting to forget that he had indirectly caused her death.

Dallas is connected to:

  • Timothy McClosky (Father)
  • Mary McClosky-Hellmen (Mother)
  • Michael McClosky (Brother)
  • Sarah McClosky (Sister)
  • Hashimoto Nenna (Former Fiance)
  • James Hale (Close Friend, Deceased)

Dallas McClosky has the following items:

  • Electrified Truncheon
  • Kowlani Ranger's Standard Issue Rifle (Includes six batteries)
  • Z-Arms .45 Automatic Pistol (Includes two magazines)
  • Mackinnon Monster Revolver (Includes ~500 rounds)
  • Ranger (Includes 350 Rounds)
  • 5 Energy Grenades
  • 8 Novelty Switcher grenades (Half Blue, Half Pink), Each grenade contains enough for a full dose.
  • 1 set of an Alliance Marine uniform, bearing the rank of Sergeant
  • One Service Belt with pistol holsters and other slots for items
  • Multiple sets of Casual wear
  • One Black Formal Suit.
  • Customized Combat Armor
  • Kowloon Ranger's Armor and Duster
  • CableCam
  • Datapad
  • Binocular Vision-Scope
  • 2 Plasticuffs
  • Earbud Radio
  • 1 box of Cigars
  • Silver Flip Lighter, engraved 'Razor One' with Scythe Logo

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