Kywti "Vydante" Judirik

Vydante Judirik is a Othan from Yedazhiv. He is a character controlled by Jimmy.

Vydante Judirik
Species: Othan
Gender: Male
Born: 2770
Age: 250
Affiliation: Remanent Militia
Occupation: Carpenter
Current Placement: N/A
  • Height: 8'6” (cm)
  • Weight: 410lbs 186(kg)
  • Appearance: Vydante is a large Othan, with broad shoulders and a strong frame. He has a strong jaw short mutton chops and long blonde hair. He has black sclera and amber eyes.
  • Personality: Vydante stands tall and proud, believing in prepardness and self-improvement. He forms bonds with few other individuals, but values the friends he does make deeply. He's constantly wary from experience.
  • Qamqor “Gwan” Adamger - Father
  • Mura “Olene” Akbipet - Mother

Vydante comes from a humble family of craftsmen and women in the woodworking trades, taking the precious little lumber available and creating things of beauty out of it. Vydante left the family workshop behind for a few years to travel as part of the militia, whittling and crafting small pieces and toys for children.

He went through several active tours against monster appearances on the frontier and within outlying towns and villages, after achieving all he desired in the Martyr path, he swapped to Nobble Beast to pursue his interest in defending the innocent. Finally, after almost a century of service he retired from his militia duties to settle back into a proper workshop.

Path Level
Path of the Martyr Intermediate
Path of the Noble Beast Professional

Vydante has the following personal effects.

  • Gun.
  • Car.
  • Woodworking tools, saw, chisels, planes, and sandpaper.
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